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Alarming Distress: Why Should I Digress When Triggered?
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Alarming Distress: Why Should I Digress When Triggered?

pinterest pin with graphic and text Alarming distress: why should I digress when triggered?

We are going to discuss why some people with mental health issues digress when triggered. It is an alarming distress for different individuals who are triggered by negativity and mental abuse. It is also an ongoing battle of balancing a happy life and how to prosper from deep depression by enduring the pain when triggered.

Disclosure: I am not a healthcare professional. This is just an article I researched and wrote, together with personal experience. This is in no way intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your physician for that.

Let's cut to the chase.

Nobody is immune to negativity. Perhaps we have been negative to others too and even to ourselves. Guilty!

But is it the only way to live life? Running people over? I never did, but you might know some others that do. This person get the attention of your friends? This said friend feel grand so that your friends' attention would be on them? Getting the most VIP reservations from friends (where this person is always attended first and some follow). Also, the one that your friends look up to.

Only to be disappointed when they turned their back. Only you would know how that person have reacted in front of them. To get the benefit. (Don't worry that person's secret is safe with me. A gulp of wine to that.) NO. I am not drunk and drinking wine literally. I am keeping my head clear on this matter.

I am not jealous of this friend's attention from others either because it is going to be short-lived.

There are things a big sister can say about her experience of digressing when triggered.

Have you ever wondered why some people insist on dragging you down when you're already feeling low? What would you do if that happened to you?

The Weight of Negative Emotions

Sometimes how depressing situation can overwhelm us if we entertain the occurrence. Being depressed myself and knowing myself when the situation itself presents a negative energy. It is hard to be not alarmed and pretend that you have a negative attitude towards you or around you under control. I guess being a hero is more celebrated when you succumb to not digressing into your emotions and fight the insults like a scandalous person when triggered. Alarming Distress: Why Should I Digress When Triggered?

To be honest, um, that is not healthy for your reputation.

a woman having unhealthy emotions for her friend.

Given that you are not too sensitive of a person either. When this happens you can hijack your emotions. Bundling it up. But you're too struggling to repudiate feelings of remorse. Avoid this environment altogether. If that is a problem, don't let people ruin your life.

Toxic Friends: The Ultimate Taunters

I get it. Most of you have a friend(s) that mean well. There is mutual relationship between you and the other person or people. If you have a certain expectation sometimes you get what you don't expect.

Although we know nobody is perfect and it seems like we just brush the offense off if we make mistakes towards each other that is understandable and healthy to a certain extent.

In this subheading, we are not talking about those kinds of close friends in your circle. it is the attachment of others in the circle. Ones that don't know you who have the tendency of entitlement of being toxic but not accountable for their actions.

These 'extras' however show no remorse and they make it as though you are in a game with them. Whatever the case may be for them, competition, the drive of jealousy or enviousness, or pride of ones possessions they make you feel like a looser when they defeated you in their game. Sometimes it is for show, sometimes they just head on doing 'extra' activities without you knowing behind your back.

Their toxic behavior. manipulation and lack of accountability will catch up to them in the future.

The Dynamics of Toxic Relationship of Alarming Distress: Why Should I Digress When Triggered?

To illustrate, I have a theory towards toxic friends of cause and effect due to their manipulation and betraying of your trust. It is like a (the cause) cheating partner's lies and betrayal that contribute to a toxic environment that festers from the guiltless partner and goes unnoticed by the guilty partner until (the effect) a reactions occurs from the guiltless partner.

It is a perfect description of friends going behind your back and betraying your trust in a relationship.

The Burden of Unhealthy Friendships

Unhealthy friendships highlight how bad friends deflect blame onto others and refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

They are not worth deeming for your self-worth. Unlike other sincere friends do.

This manipulation takes a toll on mental health and a person's self-esteem. You might not recover from it for a very, very long time. It is not a switch you can turn on and off instantly. But please don't give up and be compassionate with yourself. Time will come and you will be blessed for not getting yourself into deep trouble with toxic friends who dispense mental and emotional abuse.

Gossip: The Silent Weapon

Gossip is a very deadly stealth weapon. A sister to a slanderous tongue. If it doesn't hold accountability from the gossiper it immediately race to finish you off and spreads like wildfire and can further exacerbate negative emotions and ruin your good reputation.

Spreading rumors makes for all defiled persona and attitude. Not a good standing reputation for the one who gossips. I sincerely feel for the gossiper though, because in this scenario there is not a trial that will last while the gossiper is directing it to someone. If the gossiper is found out he or she gossiping it would be over for him or her. Nobody will believe the gossiper when time comes revealing the truth of the one the gossiper gossiped about. Because the one gossiped about, her trial is bound to end. That is just how it goes.

So, if you found out someone is betraying your trust, avoid that person completely. The truth will surface. You don't even have to explain the mess. Time be on your side. Let's be honest, nobody loves trouble so that you can be at peace with your life. The gossiper who tells lies about you and betrayed your trust will be exposed.

The Battle Against Depression

While front and center make the struggle against depression as a war against toxic behavior directed towards the abused. This battle against depression may make us seek professional help when we are pressed with a situation or need help in coping.

When we emphasized the toll that toxic relationship can take on our mental health and the importance of seeking support it is best to guarantee yourself a place where you can be treated with your depressive state of mind.

Tragedy of bereaving yourself when you have had enough can result in dangerous outcome if you don't seek professional help immediately when you need it.

Choosing Peace

Make people aware of distancing ourselves from toxic friendships for the sake of our own well-being. Even if it is just a gesture. They will get it and understand.

Be strong and by making your mind resolute that comes from recognizing and cutting ties with toxic individuals and gossipers.

Choosing peace and not contribute to the gossip or the turmoil of this poor gossiper's situation who always has something to say.

colorful photo with a woman choosing peace despite depression.

With that keep in mind that toxic friends will not last. They have it coming to them.

Moving Forward

When we reflect on the possibility of a life free from toxic relationships and the hope for brighter days ahead cannot erode our thinking of moving forward or digressing from positive friendships we welcome to cultivate in the future. It is the 'extras' or bad apples that make the whole basketful of good apples to be spoiled.

By prioritizing our mental health and what good influence we can have on others by surrounding ourselves with supportive relationships. In turn, bring forward peace. Not constantly looking at your back to see if you have been stabbed nonchalantly and your okay with it (because we are in the 'name' of being friends). We have to be able to recognize that we are not doormats. Seeking out healthy, fulfilling friendships. We have to strive to be sincerely putting other's feelings in consideration for peace and better well-being.

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