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FAQ | 1 And Only Lily Bell
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Here are frequently asked questions I compiled that you may be asking regarding 1andonlylilybell shop and website/blog. 

What forms of payment do we accept?

Credit Cards

Quickpay Portal:


Paypal paylater


Google pay

If paying with credit cards, can you see my personal credit card information?

No. The credit card payment portal doesn't allow your credit card information to be seen.

If paying through Quickpay payments can you see my info from those websites?

No. Only you can see the information when logging in to complete the payment transaction on one of the Quickpay portal choices.

Is your website safe?

Yes. it is integrated with Wix. The website doesn't keep or see customer's payment information. For the Privacy Policy on the Quickpay payment options, you can read it in their individual websites.

Can I donate monetarily or give you a tip to buy coffee?

If you find my blog articles helpful and find what your looking for and would like to donate for the upkeep of my blog, or website, you can do so here on cash app: $cherriesunflower. Grateful for your support! 🙏😀

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