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Renting A Room In My Parent's House: Productive Strategy Of A Single Woman
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Renting A Room In My Parent's House: Productive Strategy Of A Single Woman

pinterest pin with graphic productive strategy of a single woman

A strategy to keep me busy and Ideas to be a productive learning curve with endeavoring anything new.

I am a blogger, crafter, and vlogger and I am a full-time arts and crafts content creator on YouTube. As a content creator in my space, there are others who are successful and are ahead of me.

In that case, I am a newbie at this content creation. In a different niche category this time because there was a time when I ventured into creating makeup tutorials for videos too. Those are by far my most uninspired experiences as a vlogger. My rant.

I try again!

Only this time I am in a different mindset and I have matured and have a sense of productivity. I make it work. Productive Strategy Of A Single Woman

if there's a will there's a way woman in the middle of the train tracks looking ahead

If there's a will, there's a way.

I made myself say that all the time. To give me motivation and encouragement. A Mantra so to speak with giving myself ample time to create and also measuring a balance of quality over quantity in the game plan to further improve.

Indeed, I produce a busy life one that can 'create' and I can't complain about. When I start and finish for the day I give time for myself to do other activities that are not on my list for mandatory productivity. Like cooking, grocery shopping, watching TV, browsing the net, and chill! Even general studying and reading. I cannot neglect that.

Life needs a guidebook, right?

I love being with myself. I love to live with my family too. I can't miss that for real. I can get the best of both worlds. I can stay or I can go. I am sure some of you would agree if you have parents like mine.

Wouldn't it be pleasant?

Things experienced living alone

The many things living alone taught me before moving in with my parents are:

  1. Independence

  2. Privacy

lady with a hush gesture

3. Quiet morning hours

4. Peaceful moments

5. Cooking for myself

6. Attending my appointments

I have experienced these truths that replace loneliness because of the activities I can do.

I keep busy.

Sometimes when I want to, let's just say, for example, I decided to cook a dinner for myself. There is nobody to please with what I need to do, especially for prepping, and no one in the kitchen will be hovering over me as a nuisance in making a meal.

Simply put-just peaceful and not chaotic.

I know there are different family dynamics in every situation. The peacefulness and nonchaotic environment are what I miss in living alone. Until I can stand on my two feet again.

Thriving under family's roof

Living under one roof with my family is also an experience that I want to feel again. Even though I long for my own self to be alone I also want the challenge of taking care of my 'senior' aged parents. They need my help when it comes to technology. For example, computer-related things like banking, emails, subscriptions, and even looking up descriptions for ordering necessities online.

They need me after all the things that I taught them to manage their accounts and other online-related activities. They still need me from time to time.

I enjoy that since they are aging you can't get those moments again. So I am giving them attention and the way I want to remember the things we did satisfactorily while they are still capable of doing more of the things with me when they still have their strength.

Somebody has to write and execute what I can reminisce in the future.

Thriving under a family's roof does not guarantee that there will be no need for family help from other family members. Because we're a team I strive to participate in assisting other family members when they need help.

The productive journey of single women

Could you think like me just for a moment?

I relish these productive activities with my family and many others I encounter in my life. For others or for myself. I would like to do more but not stress out much or spread myself thin in helping more than I can handle but give quality endeavors to help each person one at a time.

Such things would just fall in the proper place when you are gearing yourself for excellent achievements.

I am sure you reading this, you can think of family members or even like yourself on what I am talking about in this article. It can make a more chaotic day into a somber ambiance when doing things for others. After all, we don't just care for ourselves but count and join our loved ones for the productivity that never fades.

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