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A Move-In To Relieve Anxiety: Why Families Are Awesome!
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

A Move-In To Relieve Anxiety: Why Families Are Awesome!

pinterest pin with graphic why families are awesome

How my family's shenanigans of moving in are portrayed in a household of four is a relief for anxiety. Perhaps if you are a single person you can relate.

My day is good, very good! So far this morning, because I slept in late. For the usual time, I usually wake up if no one wakes me up early. And that is 11:00 AM.

waking up in the morning.

That is what families are for to bother you when you are asleep if they need something, (Just kidding!)

I woke up to my mum's voice telling me she was going to take the responsibility to take my Honnie out to the restroom outside our apartment.

As I stretched, I was still feeling tired with a yawn. I fell back to sleep.

Second, the time I woke up to my dad's voice asking me if I parked in the right spot outside the apartment.

With a breath that whispered together with a sigh, I said, "Yes".

And went back to sleep for another hour or so.

Moving for supposed Anxiety?

But, I temporarily felt it.

I had my 'downs episodes' if my family complained about where to put my stuff, and said that my stuff from my studio apartment craft room would not fit into my room. And if I complain that the kitchen is not vacant because everyone is looking for something to eat at the same time.

A little in me says that that is just a minute complaint don't retaliate and be patient because I am in this for the long haul living with my family. I better be on the safe side of everyone and with myself towards them too. Rather than living alone. I would replace it with living with them. And I remind myself why a move-in is needed to relieve anxiety.

I am ready for some nuisance from them that I miss them very much for 6 years living by myself.

baking nuisance with kids

It is so funny that I miss the little debates, the silly antics of my brother, and the discussions that are sometimes funny in my understanding from Mom and Dad.

Of course, we speak in our dialect sometimes. And often in English. But when my mom and dad ask us something (my brother and I) in our dialect, we respond in the English language.

Moving in I was truly trying to adjust. Since my sciatica came back, my mom urged me to do carb cycling on my diet again. She is so concerned about me that it worries her to a certain extent that I can't walk after I sit on a chair because of my failing knee because of my weight. And for that, it slowed me down to help with anything.

I am so helpless!

But my diet is so effective from what I experienced before. She wants me to continue it without let-up!

(I lost 8 lbs. in 2 weeks) when I tried it for the first time.

She lovingly helped me not to become defeated instead we encouraged each other to pursue healthy eating and living.

Although we eat Filipino food sourcing veggies from the Asian market we had enough to last for a week mostly to consume and be healthy in our choice of eating.

My Family Is Awesome, Especially Ode to Mother

I love my family's awesomeness. They helped me to be independent and try for myself if I can live independently. For 6 bittersweet years, they let me live on my own. A little principled freedom coupled with manners and respect inwardly and outwardly towards others. I gained a much more understanding view of independence and really passed the test of living and carrying on with myself independently.

I have a high regard for mom.

She gives me moral lessons and reminders as to how to create a pleasing personality with love and get along peacefully with others who are not toxic. Instead, it brought me up and she encouraged me and my friends too.

family hugging

The gist of this article is to prioritize spending my time with family. We do everything together now. And all the more so teamwork and patience will give fruitage of peace amongst each other.

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