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Homebody Apartment Living Reset: Are You Ready?
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Homebody Apartment Living Reset: Are You Ready?

Updated: Apr 14

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Home of a homebody and a family of four. We are living in an apartment where everything is a need—at the same time, utilizing small space for our benefit. Practical tips for bedroom resetting all the more so resetting for healthy apartment living. A homebody apartment living reset: Are you ready?

I am a homebody. And in need of a "homebody apartment reset". What is that, you may ask? Well, It's a kind of a thing that I do once in a while when I feel like my living area AKA my bedroom space or our apartment is cluttered and in need of a serious decluttering and a reset.

In this article, the significance of creating a serene and healthy living space, especially in a small apartment setting can be seen as a reliable way of keeping a space in an agreeable appeal.

Making The Most of Your Two-Bedroom Apartment Living Homebody Apartment Living Reset

Two-bedroom apartment living has its benefits for our family of four with living spaces. Even though as small as the space we dwell in. Making the most of our two bedrooms isn't that bad.

Since I and my mum are the only women in the household, our family of four living accommodated us in our 'just right' living space.

This plans for us to be frugal and a well-deserved enough space when our family of four moved in together.

My brother occupies the living room and he managed to make it his room livable and all the more so organized. He is doing a good job by the way!

Saving For Your Future Home: Strategic Planning

It is important to save for a future house purchase. At least when we rent an apartment we have available funds saved for a rainy day when we truly need to buy a house. Whether we decide to for our strategic planning saving up for a future house purchase can make a way to start when living frugally in an apartment setting.

A photo of a family saving money on expenses and bills.

Strategies for managing finances while living in an apartment are indeed viable progress to purchasing a house in the future while building credibility for mortgage loan creditors for approval and so on.

Apartment Living Challenges and Solutions

Even though it is doable to live for a family of four in a small square footage of an apartment, there are challenges in apartment living.

I am not fond when there is NO parking for guests when we need it once in a while. The complex laundry is full of users when we need to load laundry and dry our clothes. And many more nuisances to a smooth need of amenities than when we have a house on our own. And sharing the amenities with other people who lived in the community too. I am not used to that.

When we try to stretch our feet on our balcony and watch the sunset we see it. But limited pleasant view for there are graffiti walls on the other side of the fence walled another apartment complex beside this one.

Another thing is when there is work done for maintenance in the apartment vicinity, it is so loud and busy. Sometimes everything including water is unavailable for the whole office hours.

Solutions for maximizing comfort are unavailable for us when living in an apartment, once in a while, because of these interruptions from normal activities in an apartment complex.

Embracing Small Space Living

Small space management is indeed in need of embracing a small living space, and we're quite adapting to it. Never did we seek to complain because it is just where we are for now in our situation.

It is also a blessing and at the same time when we think of other things, we would have invested without proper planning and ended up in so much debt just for the shelter. So we carefully need to asses the situation while in small beginnings.

Living in a studio apartment for six years while I was apart from my family, was very dreadful. I was always wary of living alone. My apartment kept being broken into and it took a while for the culprits to be evicted. I was petrified for my life. They took my car keys and also invaded my car all this happened while I was asleep.

They just let themselves in without being hesitant that it is not their property their using and terrorizing. When I am gone running errands, that is when they usually go to my apartment and break in. I know this because some of my little vlogging equipment went missing. Like the cover for my camera lens. And the big orange-reddish stone on my ring went missing.

At least now we are here and there are four of us living under one roof praying for protection together.

Creating a Small Balcony Garden Oasis

My mum has embodied the green thumb gardening. She can grow the garden without a problem. So we had our balcony (backyard) filled with vegetable plants.

a photo of a balcony garden with fruit trees and vegetables.

First, it was the Swiss Chard seedling given by her friend. Next, it was the tomatoes and eggplant she bought from Home Depot. And next, we gradually filled our balcony with veggie plants and beautiful flowers. Even orchids!

I know my mom has worked so hard to make this balcony her own. Her love for planting and setting up this small balcony would have been the same in a real backyard if we had a house. At least for now, she had a good starting point. Her labor of love and love of plants shows in what she called the 'hanging garden' she cultivated.

Food gardening in small spaces makes you be challenged for it is in a small limited space. While satisfying household needs it is a beautiful thing to make use of little food harvests while we wait for the near future to have a garden in our backyard.

The Blessing of Resetting Your Small Bedroom

There are benefits of resetting and decluttering a small bedroom.

For one, how serene, peaceful, and organized the space is afterward. And while you're having a serene bedroom decluttering your space contributes to your overall well-being. For you and your family.

It is also a start to reset other things in the house and you are on the roll in cleaning and organizing your spaces to live without clutter.

Practical Tips for Bedroom Resetting

There are many many tips for bedroom reset. As you might be aware you're bedroom layout has to do with how much work you can achieve in resetting. The size and how much stuff you can organize can make a difference in this takeaway tip. You might make the above information the reason on how you can strategize resetting your bedroom but it breaks down to one is to finish the task. That's my only small bedroom organizing tip.

You will be glad you did! Then, move on to the next part of the house.

Resetting for Healthy Apartment Living

The connection between a clean and organized living space and overall health is a need in every household.

When we feel that our house needs resetting and organizing we need to attend to that for our clean living space contributes to our healthy life.

a photo of a clean living space.

My family helps each other out. But we also monitor our own bedroom spaces to make our house a healthy environment and to be livable to live in it. Incorporating these habits into daily living routines will be much better when health is involved.

When we live and are paying attention to our environment and well-being we are conscious of our lives. Among other things, this article discusses what challenges and solutions address in apartment living.

Ideas for setting up a small balcony garden oasis can liven up any home and produce a bountiful harvest.

Offer organization tips for maintaining a tidy and serene space.

I encourage you to take action toward creating a serene and healthy living environment. If you like this article send me a comment below with ideas on how you have resettled your living space. Small space or big. Bedroom or whole house. Whether it be storage solutions or just cleaning tips. Don't forget, you can send a before and after photo too if you'd like. Would love to see what you have done in making your space a well-rounded clean environment.

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