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7 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Finished Craft Projects and Supplies
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

7 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Finished Craft Projects and Supplies

pinterest pin with graphics and text 7 creative ways to display ad preserve projects and supplies

How do you display and preserve your finished craft projects? In this article, I give you ideas on how to do just that from scrapbook albums to preserving frame collages for your little mixed-media craft. You are sure to find the joy of these creative ways to display and preserve your projects and supplies.

Have you ever made something in your crafting that you adore? You just want to show it off! And anyone who comes across to see your made craft appreciates what you made too.

So you think of putting the said finished project in a space where everyone including you enjoys and preserves the memory of looking at the display and the reason that makes you feel good that you did the craft.

Do you think so? I think so!

As a crafty gal myself, in displaying said memories that need to be kept in preservation, in this article we will be diving into a few ideas to preserve your crafty artifacts in 7 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Finished Craft Projects and Supplies.

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2. Shadow Box Displays One of the 7 Creative Ways to Display and Preserve Your Finished Craft Projects and Supplies

Shadow Box: noun

noun: shadow-box

  1. a case with a protective transparent front, used for displaying jewelry, coins, or other small objects.

Create a protective case for your ephemera and 3D objects that you can display on the shadow box because of its thick depth and a window of glass to showcase you're display makes for organizing your important crafts encapsulated and protected with this type of display.

Examples of craft projects that are suitable for shadow box displays are photos, paper piecing crafts, jewelry, beading crafts, t-shirts, embroidered patches, dried bouquet flowers, and much more.

The scrapbook albums like this one too! Of all ephemera, photos, and mementos that you gather from travels, restaurants, flats no bulk souvenirs, and anything worth having a memory for and fun!

In this digital age, you can just snap photos on your phone and print them on a portable printer or an at-home printer with tanks of ink. If you have one of those printers or in the market of purchasing one like I do, the Epson Eco tank-2800 is one of my choices.

Preserving the photos that you have has its benefits. As simple as a piece of glossy or matte photo paper you can share these with future generations to come as a keepsake from happy memories.

Having floating shelves, you can display your craft effortlessly. This could be good if you have a craft room and you can display your works on the shelves with pride. When you have these floating shelves installed it is also good to check before you install studs on the wall so the shelves will be secure.

floating shelves in corner wall

Maybe while arranging your crafts on the shelf, keep in mind not to put too many heavy objects because it is hanging on a wall. That is why it is called floating shelves. It could be dangerous if you put ceramics and heavy frames on it that could break if it falls.

Putting card crafts, photo crafts, mini albums that you have made, and traveling journals we can balance the weight of these within the shelves I think we will be okay.

4. DIY Gallery Walls

Gallery walls have their special appeal. It is somewhat of a design for decoration and craft display.

If you are an artist you can appreciate what this is like. Even though it can be used for shadow box gallery walls (just an idea), gallery walls can feature your artistic craftiness whether it is art prints, paintings, and many more.

5. Pegboards and Hooks

When I was shopping on the Ikea website, I found that they sell pegboards. I was so ecstatic! I purchased two of them and my loving dad installed them for me.

Together with this item, in all honesty, I would love for you to check out this pegboard. I found an equivalent or similar to mine.

6. Frame Collages

This is similar to DIY gallery walls. I love that you can display according to your likes and pick from art that you made or from art you purchased. I like it when you can be versatile and arrange them how you like it.

It must have been your type of design because you can make themes out of your display. Change it however you like it when each season arrives or add to it to expand your collection of art.

7. Customized Hangers for Textile Crafts

Is there an importance of proper storage of textile crafts? Yes! Whether you DIY for creating customized hangers, you can find ways to create a display or proper storage needs using customized hangers for textile crafts.

Organizing crafts and materials and the joy of clean crafting brings a sense of practicality to protect your materials and supplies while making your craft room a haven for you to create not cluttered and spending time to clean accumulated messes.

Experiment with these given suggestions. I would love to hear from you and your ideas on how you made your craft room livable and organized.

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