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Ways to Keep In Mind When Brainstorming To Make Money Online
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Ways to Keep In Mind When Brainstorming To Make Money Online

pinterest pin with graphic and textWays to Keep In Mind When Brainstorming To Make Money Online

Is there a guide to keep in mind for making money online? In this article here are ways to keep in mind when thinking to make money online. With earning little cash for your freelance services, building your own business, or monetizing your content you can try these methods for success to boost your confidence to keep earning money online.

Hello Guys!

I have been starting to count the cost of this digital lifestyle. This journey has taught me many things and skills I would not have known. I researched to discover more about the topics I vlog about and what I write on my blog.

In the last quarter (Q4) of the year 2023, I was focused on helping my website or blog grow. And deciding if I should continue running for a goal I have this year.

Never stop writing about what I have built a niche that can inform others about topics I learn. And be informative and help you guys along the way.

I thought for months back and forth about keeping this website or not I decided I appreciate you guys and that I would continue building a rapport with my audience. Along with my 2 YouTube channels @Cottage.Darling and @Daily.Sweet.Spice.


Making money online is a growing trend, especially during the pandemic where companies hired and let people work remotely. And the concept of working remotely sticks. It is the norm or go-to type of job that people who offer services digitally or anything that can be done online freelancing would go for instead of working in an office.

Online Income Ways to Keep In Mind When Brainstorming To Make Money Online

Let's talk about online income.

What is online income or earnings? Online earning is a method of making money with the help of the Internet.

photo of a girl who owns a bakery counting the cost online.

Now that we know what it is, let’s talk about what it includes:  It includes owning a website, beginning an online business, or opting for other options of online earning that are obtainable from the Internet.

These here are narrowed down examples: e-commerce, online courses, marketing, content, and so on. Ways to Keep In Mind When Brainstorming To Make Money Online

Freelancing as a Remote Worker

What does this so-called 'freelance' work entail? Would it be a viable job option for anyone looking for remote jobs? It will seemly fit you if you have endeavored this for a long time.

I believe you might have researched what the upsides and downsides of freelancing work can do for you in terms of making money online.

For me, I love creating video content, doing research, and also writing. So I did it the way I would usually do for doing anything which is to plan and count the costs for digitally creating content.

Blogging as owning a blog website and YouTube was my choice for creating content working from home. And monetize these avenues of content creation so I can earn online.

There are freelancing jobs for those who work with digital creation in listing their services on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. Where you can have eyes on the services you offer for a fee and book clients for your expertise in whatever digital service you can offer.

You can create logos as a graphics designer, a ghostwriter, a blog writer, an architectural planner and designer, a proofreader, a video editor, a patent maker, legal contracts, SEO management, a bookkeeper, transcriptions, and more.

A word of caution though, when you are starting to list your services and don't have clients yet, sift through the messages you receive on the message center from these websites when someone wants to have a deal, for example, promises to pay you big bucks upfront with more than the price you are asking with your services. Do not get enticed and manipulated by these messages. Usually, it is a scam and you can report it or ignore or delete the message do not even reply.

It happened to me when I newly listed my service of writing a blog article on a cosmetic niche on one of the websites mentioned above. When the person messages me and said I'll pay you this amount and you can post for me on this Social Media website.

I tried to ask more questions to see if it was legitimate. The person always almost replies the same way post an article on this Social Media website and I'll pay you this amount. If it is too good to be true then it probably is.

Do not be a victim. Who knows where that would take me? Maybe to trouble. Just be very careful when listing your services for the first time. These scammers opt to target new ones without clients yet. Because I was new at this digital content creation, the scammer probably thought I did not know any better.

Content Creation to Make Money

Content creation is my preferred way of monetizing my digital skills. I have a YouTube channel and a blog to work on and discover more about running these two to succeed on my terms.

On YouTube, you can have a podcast, long-form, or short-form videos. You can monetize your channel through the Google Adsense Ad network, or sign up for brand deals, sponsorship, or merch. For monetizing through Adsense as long as you fulfill the minimum requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours or 10 million YouTube short views.

As a blogger, you can use any platform to host your website or blog.

In terms of blogging, you can give value to the search for what people are looking for, and with your passion you can create this content through research and optimize your website for traffic for SEO and either sign up for an Ad network, make courses, and sign up with brand deals. Become an affiliate for start-up companies whom their products you love. Who knows your blog will just go viral! And everybody benefits.

As always my encouragement, it takes time for all this to be fruitful but if you continue on working on this you can see results. Keep in mind how SEO runs and check trends every year or subscribe to know changes in the trends and get feedback on how the audience sees your blog. Ask a poll or share your blog articles on Social Media to get feedback.

Benefits from Work Flexibility

I think this would be the anticipated paragraph stopper on what I will write in terms of the benefits from work flexibility.

I for one love it that I don't have to answer to anybody. And it helps with coping with my depression because I have something to occupy my mind from negative racing thoughts. And why I not do it if it is going to be good for me?

I love how during the day I see my pet pup, I see my mum, dad, and brother. And not tied up to a cubicle or office if I was to work outside of this.

photo of a woman working in a cottage office from home

Motivation and passion is key while you have freedom to work around your family affairs within your work from home endeavors. Without it you will not continue. So give yourself a chance to deliver to your audience a worthwhile skill and knowledge that made you grow and shed some light on it to influence and benefit others.

So, when you are in this line of work you can have the freedom and control over your work environment and schedule.

Passive Earnings for Future Finances

Another one I need to address is passive income. While this article also talks about the ways you can make money online, these work from home avenue of making money can also be passive income on some extent.

Back to the blogging. Whatever ways you monetize your blog whether through an Ad Network or being an affiliate these are all in the umbrella of passive income. Which means it will make you money in the background of doing other things. Even while you are busy making other income streams these kind of earnings to monetize your blog or working on YouTube channel will continue to make you money whatever the case is.

Treating it like a business instead of a hobby will help you have to start other income streams too even if you are doing it on repeat at least now you know how to start another one through your experience. With passive income streams help you save and secure your future finances.


These are ways to make money online.

Freelancing as a remote worker is one of the viable option to make money. Working on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr highlights the advantages on working from home and take on freelancing with the flexibility and diverse opportunities.

Content Creating for blogs and monetizing your content creation on YouTube you can make money with signing up for Adsense Ad network ( or if on YouTube once you meet minimum requirements), sponsorships, and selling fan merch. Also becoming an affiliate.

You can have benefits from work at home flexibility schedule and not tied to work in an office.

Becoming a winner in passive income because that is what you just read.


I thank you for reading this article. I got a chance to write my piece of pie on this information. Such as learning skills while you are on this journey. From my experience, I will never take it for granted that I learn SEO, making video content, my experience in research has expansively open my eyes to new possibilities to earn with my skills online and I learn new ones as time progresses.

May you continue to be patient with yourself and this article hopes to find you in a better way to make passive money earning inspiration.

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