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Uncharted Writer Life & Skills: A Personal Welcome
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Uncharted Writer Life & Skills: A Personal Welcome

Updated: May 1

A breezy air in an Island resort in the Maldives.

A warm Tuscany sun on a balcony overlooking a grape vineyard.

Taking a break from snowboarding on Big Bear in the sunny but winter season in SoCal.

girl on top of mountain view with snowboard

I have never done those things, but I am willing to get there. Those are my goals and aspirations just to say the least. When can I get there? This is the most brainstormed question I can repeatedly tell you that gives me motivation even though it seems in an uncertain tone. Let’s just leave that question for now who knows when we come back again to it we can finally answer. “NOW!” Are you with me? Do I hear yes? You guys, I am just hearing a few who said it.

Please, say it with conviction!, “YES!!” (I WITH THE AUDIENCE APPLAUSE).

This is not an intro to gloat. Oh no, not at all! As I mentioned I have never done those things or visited those places. Well, I'll take it back. I have been to Big Bear twice less than the snowboarding activity.

I did this intro to encourage and inspire you to help each other as a community of bloggers and content creators. I know for me I would love to revisit the local Big Bear area. Especially because winter is coming.

I ask that we help each other out to grow and encourage each other to do more of our writing careers. I am a newbie and a beginner in my writing skills but as I was doing research, I would love to take action for being an informative piece of the pie as much as others do. Even the ones who are set and are taking the lead in this writing career path who make a living out of their writing and are bound to set sail and are uncharted and taking their work with them anywhere even though it is work, it still feels like vacation.

More time with family and have a plan for a financial future.

I plan to update this article in the future. As I grow and make milestones in my writing career as a blogger.

vintage letters

Call me Lily Bell and I welcome you to pages of growth and discover written words of friendship, a share in my niche of content creating articles about lifestyle, food, a little travel, craft hobbies, and laughter in experiences and such. We are readers, writers, researchers, and content creators who encourage each other in this community.

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