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To Be Read List: Feeling of Catching Up?
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

To Be Read List: Feeling of Catching Up?

Updated: Apr 14

pinterest pin with graphics to be read list: feeling of catching up?

Are you a reading buff? When you are in the mood of reading books, mostly you get sucked into the routine of focusing on reading. But there are distractions and responsibilities to do around your reading time. In your opinion what do you do if the (TBR) "to be read" list makes you feel like catching up? Managing TBR effectively? Among other things, the essence of joy in reading will be discussed in this article.

Reading is an activity that we do mostly if not all the time—even baking a cake. We read the cake box for procedures and ingredients needed. As weird as it may sound driving on the road and reading the sign for directions on the freeway can get us from point A to point B and back. Then you are reading!

Ever since when we were first taught to read we can already program certain words on our memory. Even how to spell the word. It has an imprint in our minds and when we grow even more knowledge and accumulate to know more words in our repertoire we remember it. Comes second nature for most of us.

I don't know about you but for me, it comes with a little caveat. I tend to misspell some of the words when I read my writing. Just between you and me. I know, I was blown away. 🤯

Finding Happiness In Reading

a photo of a lady finding happiness in reading at a library

In this day and age, we have a plethora of reading materials. There are two kinds of dispensers for this—Digital and hardcopy reading materials. Take your pick!

Happiness in reading can find its way in the importance of reading for mental well-being. A reading activity that is not for boredom, but exercising your brain to read information on what upbuilds you and not dump your brain of materials that are harmful and get you more on a slump. Filtering your choice of information to read.

Such as researching topics to improve well-being. Healthy reading can encourage you to be more productive while you feel good about yourself and what you are reading.

Gaining knowledge not only for yourself but also what you can share with others opens up a good start in a conversation on any well-rounded topic.

Annotating For Fun And Function To Be Read List

While annotation calls for stationery supplies and the time to soak in what you're reading, it can also extend to doing more. Research for words you encounter (jargon) that you are not familiar with. Or information that is new to you.

It is an enjoyable process additionally in reading books and doing an extension for research.

We can also use these research topics for ourselves and in conversing. As enjoyable as researching you are more well-versed in the topic to be shared with friends and people you encounter in daily life.

Managing TBR Lists Effectively

You can probably estimate your speed in creating a short list of TBR books. There is no right or wrong way of doing it. Likely, you will be amazed if you finish 1 book in a month. And come to find extra research notes with it.

For some you can extend reading over months. Read at your own pace. Linger on the pages of a book. What also helps is thinking not about the number of pages you read but about making enough quota as a goal to succeed if you know you need to work around daily life events despite your TBR list of books to read.

Then you will be able to enjoy your reading much more!

Overcoming Reading Challenges

It happened to me, it could happen to you!

Have you ever read a book then all of a sudden you realize you just did not like what you're reading after all?

When you do that, boredom seems to be creeping in on the next stages of minding your time reading. You feel like you're kind of lost and you begin to put the book down. Finding other things to do or read.

You are bored and distracted. Huhu. 😑

Drawing a blank face.

You are not alone. Dealing with boredom during reading sessions is not a new thing. You just have to take your mind off reading for a while. Just like any other reading or study session take a break.

For me, while I tackle other responsibilities in life. I handle my priorities first and what is important. To minimize leisure reading distractions.

Prioritizing Reading Time

On the other hand, you can prioritize your reading time. Especially if it's not leisure. Reading to study needs to be prioritized.

Finding that line of important study reading and life events can be done amidst busy schedules.

I am guilty of this skim reading. That is what you should do first and scan your reading material when studying. Not on the actual reading session.

Make it an accountability to read slowly. Then you will gather your thoughts better and make other tasks easier when you fully understand and immerse yourself in your reading material.

Extracting Value From Reading

This would work either way you read for leisure or read for studying. Extracting value from reading while researching new information from books.

I enjoy this time with myself too. Something that I don't understand or not familiar with is for doing my research and looking it up.

While filtering the noise and getting lost in reading gives you a good head start to give yourself time dissecting the information, you are living the course of making the information sink in your thoughts.

photo of a woman finding solace in reading despite distractions

Then if there is really an unavoidable distraction you have gained the value of the book your reading. Because you are ahead of schedule.

Benefits of Introverted Reading

When some of us have an introverted tendencies, it helps enhance the love of books. Reading for an introverted self can make you a well-read person. And that is an agreeable trait.

For that we can say leveraging reading for personal growth and reflection can benefit an introverted self. Experiencing through the chapters of books read.

The endless rewards of extended reading journeys not just skimming and read to develop a habit that benefits oneself. While encouraging self to keep exploring and discovering through books.

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