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The Reason To Be More Cautious: Do You Worry About the Cons Of The ‘Digital World’? 
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

The Reason To Be More Cautious: Do You Worry About the Cons Of The ‘Digital World’? 

Updated: Apr 4

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Worry leads to BEING MORE cautious of the cons of the ‘digital world’.

I want to start this article by not immediately using the “S” word. I will let you know what that word is in a moment. Today, we can be a lot more wary when and where we put in information on different types of platforms we can sign up for. 

Our information is like an identity (even email addresses) that can lead the web to find us whether for good business or bad business information. 

woman with glasses in an office desk and laptop

So we should always think about being responsible. Do you agree with me?

What do I mean by that? 

‘Being responsible’ is an ongoing thing to do in terms of agreeing to be more cautious when signing up for a service or filling out forms or subscriptions online. I am guilty of this myself, but the more we are alert to be cautious the more we preserve to be on the safe side of things. 

A lot of times, we subscribe for pure impulse and only end up disappointed on what the subscription is or services offered. 

Sometimes we  sign up and just forget that we signed up for it ending in a spam folder.

An experience of worry

My family and I had an experience that has been on my mind and worries me. I have been praying for this not to result in an unpleasant outcome.

My family moved back from the Philippines to the USA. And when they got back we looked for an apartment that could accommodate us 4 people. I, mum, dad, and my brother. 

We looked online to apply for an apartment on a particular website that lists housing for rent and for sale. We're looking to rent.

All of the application is done online and the submission of forms are used through scanning and sending files. I don’t want to name the website because of privacy reasons. But all our info is there, and we haven’t even met the landlord. 

Since we are waiting for the first application to get back to us, we applied more of the other listings on the said website.

And the same thing happened!

Never met the other people on the other side and submission of forms are done electronically and digitally. Our account numbers and other important account numbers are so exposed. So, to be cautious we started to cover it by editing the forms for the account numbers not to be seen. 

The first few ones not. A few others covered.

I really confess we should've been more extra cautious. 

Scams (there’s the “S” word) are so prevalent and if we aren’t cautious we could be a victim of our own negligence. 

Things to keep in mind when receiving unidentified emails

Be more cautious when receiving unidentified emails. Or emails you thought you didn’t subscribe to. Truth is, it is true other companies you could be subscribing to are selling your information to a third party network partner. 

computer screen clipart digital world

They could be phishing, or any type of scheme they could lure you to signing up and giving your confidential information to them. Or validating a bank account information. 

Sometimes scammers can pretend to be a legit company and tell you to reimburse you because of your overpayment. Which isn't true. That is how they can infiltrate your bank accounts by succumbing to their lure of urgency to give them information by email or even calling you. 

If you didn’t sign up for something then it is too good to be true that a company will just call you or email you and get your information so you could avail for their service which you didn’t sign up for in the first place. 

Even a legit company’s policy will not call you to ask for information (such as bank account number, Social Security Number, a picture of your driver's license, or even your address).

a hand taking away a lock from internet computer screen

We need to be more careful as we could be victims of identity theft. 

I want to educate myself or others by this scary experience and thoughtful information. After all, this blog community can withstand being a victim of any crime if we are aware and learn from experiences of others so you don’t have to.

To be more cautious and be disturbed by the cons of the digital world. So we can act to right the wrong for our benefit.


Lily Bell

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