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Taking One Step At A Time: Motivation and Inspiration
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Taking One Step At A Time: Motivation and Inspiration

Taking One Step At A Time: Motivation and Inspiration

A mastery of self-improvement.

Hello! Hello!

upper body shot office woman typing on keyboard

I finally found myself stretching my wrist and fingers to start writing, again! This article is experimental. So be sure not to expect perfection.

Backtrack (event) to complement this article's topic on point. What motivated me to start back on writing again you may ask?

The answer is: I feel inspired again to write!

Well, to be honest with all do honesty, really, really apart from the hiatus because of moving apartments. INSPIRATION drove me to desire to start writing back up again.

So as I said, HELLO! 

I am back once more.

Under the umbrella of finding INSPIRATION, that causes me to reassess my writing skills I certainly have the inkling to learn more. 

So, I typed in Pinterest on the Google search bar and went on to the saved pins that I wanted to read—and started reading.  It brought me to Skillshare courses.

Where outcomes the armed Lily Bell “reinvented”.

I don’t usually say this about myself, but it is good to commend yourself once in a while.

I now have the inspiration to write again which can be used on my blog and many more writing adventures. Confident to say as I write more articles I will be more proficient in my writing skills.

Before the hiatus

Before I stopped writing for two to three weeks, (I can’t believe I almost stopped for a month!)

woman sitting of floor poof pillow with hands covering her face

I was already having a little lack of motivation and depression kicked in.

So I filmed for my YouTube channel to complement my planned blog post for when I want to write one and am able to.

I titled the video, partly indicating the title here “Taking One Step At A Time”. You can watch the video on my YouTube link HERE.

Watch the video and it will explain my story on how others like me struggle with inspiration and have a lack of self-motivation. 

A very crucial step for overcoming this is to find time to get over the hump as you reassess and look for ways to divert your focus by taking one step at a time to conclude where you want to reassess and shift your focus where you left off or better yet, start again. 

From then on, you have a clear vision and focus on what you need to do.  It always certainly works one step at a time.

Content creators, bloggers, and YouTube vloggers need this. The way to create content is by refocusing and taking one step at a time. 

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