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Scrapbooking and Party Supplies For Hobby or Profit: Is It Still on Trend?
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Scrapbooking and Party Supplies For Hobby or Profit: Is It Still on Trend?

pinterest pin with graphic scrapbooking and party supplies for hobby of profit

What are scrapbooking and party supplies? In this article we're going to tackle information you can use for yourself in what is the benefit of scrapbooking and what people think of it. If you are looking for party needs, what are the trends in party supplies? Are these crafting hobbies lucrative for small businesses?

The definition of scrapbooking is a creative hobby that involves preserving and documenting memories in a visually appealing way. It involves taking blank pages and adding photos, memorabilia, journaling, and embellishments to create a book, box, or card.

scrapbook supplies


Party supplies are the items that include everything starting from tableware to decorative items, banners, and party favors. This article is Scrapbooking and Party Supplies For Hobby or Profit: Is It Still on Trend?

Whether handmade or buying and selling for profit or making for yourself some people ask, "Is there growing popularity in scrapbooking and party supplies?" The answer is very much so. According to a recent report.

The scrapbooking industry has surpassed $2.87 billion. In the past 3 years, the industry has expanded by 12.7 percent with a 24.4 percent increase in the number of households that scrapbook. Survey results indicate that 29.4 percent of households have participated in the hobby of scrapbooking in the past 12 months.

Scrap Impulse

Whereas party supplies, from Data Market Research reports,

Also, the growing trend of theme parties overall the globe is propelling the demand for party supplies in the market. The global party supplies market was valued at USD 15,121.75 million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 30800.90 million by 2029, registering a CAGR of 9.30% during the forecast period of 2022-2029.

In people's view of this hobby whether you scrapbook for yourself or make party supplies

for yourself or have a small business surrounding these types of hobbies, very likely so that there is a demand in the industry for your scrapbook ideas and party supply ideas.

Whether your focus is making it for yourself and friends or selling them to online sites, scrapbooking supplies, and party supply trends are worth looking into when starting a business because there is a growing popularity of these two hobbies which in turn helps you boost sales.

Benefits of Scrapbooking

Aah...the tranquil moments when you tend to a scrapbook project.

If you just want to make embellishments or make your own and design and print scrapbook papers, have the creative outlet all for yourself, you can have benefits not overspend on items to purchase because you made them yourself.

You can have full control of your memory preservation techniques with your photographs in scrapbook albums and with it are stress reliever and therapeutic mental well-being benefits. Look at that, you lost track of time!

"Do you think my album's cute?", You might say to your family member.

Your happiness is at its peak when you create something that you like or maybe cute and you had it in your mind as too good of an idea to pass up not making. Makes it all worthwhile.

We have been there in our design endeavors!

Trends in Party Supplies

party supplies

New trends are coming up in evolving party designs. Some of these party supply trends involve customization and personalization with sustainable and eco-friendly options. As you will see on listings on platforms like Etsy, this trend has been achieved.

Whether to sell or for keeps to use in your party with your creative expression activities there are plenty more ideas for designs to be had when brainstorming in your creativity.

Social media influence this type of craft on what's new, or will this particular design work? When looking for product trends in the market.

For example, making a theme party for kids like animals. Or a pink-themed party for a baby girl shower with golden star designs. Balloon decor, invitations, and so on can have an impact on what designs you are selling or have a show-stopper new trend on your next party that you can curate.

How People View Scrapbooking

There is plenty of inspiration for scrapbooking. One of the reasons for this is the social media influence that upholds many talented designers that always gather the social viewer's eye to them.

scrapbook supplies

Therefore what you see trending on Instagram or Tick Tock is what the algorithm dictates to pull from the designer and content creator's feed to the eye of the viewers on social media who want inspirational ideas in their project.

It is very well-received on most social media to perform a trend that also impacts well-being. I mean, who wouldn't if it gets your hand busy if you have time to spare and unwind, do scrapbooking! And get those creative juices flowing to occupy your mind with what is stressing you. Just craft!

It is an inspiring aspect to watch what makes you happy and follow what makes you not be stressed. Take this as the moment to conquer depression, for some. Make well use of time idle at home by making scrapbook albums full of remembering the memories to keep.

How People View Party Supplies

Social media and the rise of party decor influencers do not make this not popular at all. People view this trend as rising and good for business because you can market your products on a rising engagement of audiences.

Numbers don't lie when it comes to statistics as we have mentioned at the beginning of the article. Plus you can offer suggestions for budget-friendly party planning with products you might have in your store through social media delivery.

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tock, or Pinterest you have a chance to receive information for you and your business. Also, you have a chance to share what you have on your end. It is an ecosystem and cycle of information. The circle of marketing.

Common Misconceptions

Well, scrapbooking and party supplies will not be gone anytime soon as skeptical people might expect.

I don't know about you but I will try slowly to implement this on my end. By next year I can have products I design on my blog storefront of handmade stationery, scrapbook supplies, and a few party supplies that I designed. Hopefully, you are still following me at that point to check me out and purchase my products. I thank you for your support.

The future of these supplies is not outdated or is not going to cease as some might think. It is not reasonable that people will cease to have scrapbooking needs for supplies, stop having parties, or even not make anything of use to make their projects from supplies. So, it is a good market to start making your designs and earn in your spare time.

Tips for Getting Started

  • Make use of your design and create bulk. Then saving it for rainy days.

  • If you just got started with making crafts you can make graphics use of your talent in both scrapbook and party supplies. Either keeping to yourself or make it available for sale. And make invitations—just an idea.

  • Check your local stores in the greeting card aisle gather inspiration from the designs, and make them as a similar template for your designs.

  • Look to Canva to design and place your graphics on a canvas for print.

  • Sketch out your designs when you are relaxed. Save it to illustrate digitally with various versions.

Make the process seem more welcoming. And true, if you have equipment it helps. But, even just doing everything manually can be much more appreciated because of the effort.

There are many positive aspects of scrapbooking and party supplies. There are sustainable party decor designs that you can get an idea of and make on repeat that never get old.

party decor supplies

Whether the way you make them and how they are used for presentation at a party, personalized party themes, and plenty more a never-ending possibility.

Modern scrapbooking trends are always easy to replicate when you design your version. And it gives you the ability to get more ideas in the future and also revamp your designs whether it is colors, shapes, or even its theme. You can get inspired from your inspiration. Then repeat the process of never-ending design possibilities.

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