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Read This Before Looking For A Freelance Writing Job
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Read This Before Looking For A Freelance Writing Job

Updated: Apr 14

Pinterest pin with graphic looking for a freelance writing job

The growing trend of freelance writing jobs where you can work at your own time and how often you like. This article will familiarize you with the landscape of freelance writing, networking for freelancers, avoiding fraudulent job offers, and having freelance success in this career that you may want to pursue.

In this article, I am going to give you tips for freelancers, networking, avoiding fraudulent job offers, and what to know before freelancing so that you will be informed about the landscape of this type of career industry.

Do you like to read articles from blogs online? Chances are you have come in contact with an article written by a freelance writer. Like this one! 

You might have seen on Pinterest that pins show freelance writing jobs. Or in a job search that you have within the freelance industry, job boards often hire freelance writers.

Notably, there is a growing trend of freelance writing jobs. Read this before looking for a freelance writing job.

Understanding the Freelance Landscape

It is good to know that understanding this writing market's terrain and view is not at all that saturated. The freelance writing market of people who offer themselves as contractors to a company per their services is in demand. The writing market's terrain and viewer, and all because that is what freelancing is about. Do you agree? When a job comes according to whatever demand the particular company you offer your services to requires, you have ongoing freelance job opportunities.

Some of the current trends in freelancing job offers even require you to work on multiple projects to have a consistent flow of their company's voice. When you work with this type of job offer you are always meeting up with the company's needs and requirements and be updated on such changes when needed.

On that note, it is quite demanding. One aspect is that it is your responsibility to ask whether the task changes if you are not informed directly or just let them know to update you on where you can be more useful on the project.

Sometimes the direction changes of the team's workloads and information that you can gather whenever you start a task for the day.

Words on a black board self-employed

In this type of workload change working with a company, you are a contractor. It doesn't hurt to ask to stay on top of it and be on the same page of the project as it changes its course.

Building a Strong Portfolio: Your Key to Success

Your portfolio is your solidly built identity that spares you from a company turning you down from a job offer (pitch) you applied for. Or your competition is getting the position or job offer you also applied for.

So in the beginning plan your course to build a strong foundation for your freelance writing portfolio.

Start and record every writing achievement to add to your foundation in showcasing your writing skills. Whether it is a class certificate you took online or in a physical workshop or a blog article you have written for a company that hired you for your expertise on a topic.

Even guest posting on a blog acknowledges as little as this to add to your skills to show on your well-grounded portfolio.

Researching Potential Clients and Platforms

Researching for freelance opportunities for potential clients when you have a solid portfolio showcasing your skills is quite different from applying for a job in another industry.

For this, you have to pitch to freelance job platforms to find reputable clients.

writing searching for reputable clients

What do I mean by that?

For example, a job offer on a job board wants to hire a skilled freelance writer in a cosmetics-related niche. You have to pitch an article you write about cosmetics from your knowledge of expertise. From what you have chosen to apply on this job board who needs that kind of service that is your ticket or application so to speak.

Setting Realistic Expectations: Managing Workload

When setting up your business as a freelance in this industry, to avoid burnout you must set realistic goals for yourself. What you can handle is the way to go.

In this world where you could easily get distracted accounting this for allowances when accepting a job is sure fire to your success. Not spreading yourself thin and attending to your freelance workload management.

Given the results that you have in successes on this aspect of strategy in managing freelance expectations, will guarantee you can finish the job that you have so prepared to manage. And there will be more of that in the future as you practice to manage your workload and accept clients to your capacity.

Networking and Building Connections

Here we have come to a point to discuss freelance networking. And what better way to stress the importance of networking in the freelance writing world?

Take your connections as a building block for your way to get yourself known from other writers. While building connections it is important to let others know what you can put on the table. In any networking in general, it is good that you know others in the industry. For those people who have been pioneers in this industry could give you recommendations and can help you start and test the waters so to speak if you are a newbie in this career. Even give you a career opportunity that you don't want to miss than being you not at all networking.

Who knows someone might take you under their wing as an apprentice and show the ropes behind close doors so to speak.

Navigating Job Boards and Listings: Dos and Don'ts

The Don'ts: Sometimes when you are inspired to write especially when you are just starting on your blogging journey, you think you can handle it all. Write about almost every topic. Given you don't have direction yet.

a red head woman writing and with laptop on the desk and plant on the side

The Dos: But the most important thing is to qualify yourself to narrow down to a specific niche. That is your expertise. honing in those skills is practical for it will deserve those who you serve on finding quality jobs on listings.

Freelance job boards are always looking for fresh new writers or even well-seasoned ones. Starting your progress to be a freelance writer? You are not late if you start now.

Freelance Writing Scams

How spotting fraudulent job offers is a must in this industry. Given you when reading this article have searched for freelance writing jobs or gigs and new to the industry.

Be wary especially if they want you to pay an upfront costs to write in exchange of exposure or any type of service in exchange for your talent and money. Writing that article is your time and patience put into it. Do not waste it on some freelance writing scams website.

Avoiding scams should make you navigate through sifting those legit job offers. Networking would be a good reason to hold on to if you don't have any luck on job boards online. So hold on to your networking contacts and fill in the roster as you add more knows on who is who in the industry. You might never know it could land you a freelance writing gig on a company that accommodates to hire you for their brand's campaign.

Balancing Freelance and Personal Life

In this digital age freelance work-life balance can be challenging. Some don't want to give in (as others think) as wasting time in looking for that freelance writing gig that you have always wanted that is a 'just right' match for you. It could take awhile. Or just can't find a writing company to offer your services. Some days are like this too.

Or if you have already a job as a freelance writer how managing freelance stress while being a mother with 3 kids.

Looking on the bright side of things, At least you are freelancing. You are your own boss. You can work when you want around your kid's activities and other appointments. And if worrying if you don't have a job in the future to support as a solid income because it is only a one time paid gig, there are plenty of ways to monetize your skills of freelance writing to further your earnings even having micro-incomes.

The takeaways of freelancer writing are niche down on your writing topics of expertise, network much to save for rainy days when writing options are scarce, avoid freelance writing for company with upfront costs they are most likely scams, and most importantly take care by managing your freelance work-life balance.

May this article brings you help in preparing to start your freelance writing endeavors. As we go on with our daily life we tend to forget how we can structure freelancing and daily activities perfectly. Or how does that even work, for some? You might wonder? Given the target of this article is to direct you in the right way. If you are considering freelance writing in hopes you can start right away with the know how on how to make it work and make it your career.

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