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Pet Dogs: Exploring Obedience And Heartwarming Gestures, Mood Boosting, Unconditional Love
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Pet Dogs: Exploring Obedience And Heartwarming Gestures, Mood Boosting, Unconditional Love

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Hello, my dear readers. I come to you to mention something. --Are you ready?? I have a question to ask you. How would you like to be able to purchase a digital summer 2023 edition digital format E-zine/magazine from I am thrilled that my digital Ezine magazine launch will be available on August 23rd, 2023. It is the One and Only Lily Bell summer 2023 edition E-zine magazine copy in digital format. I worked hard on this my likely expectation is that you will like it as much as I did editing, designing, and creating this digital magazine. More on this topic later.

Why do I write about my Pet or Pets in general?

I love furry friends. I think they are a loving personality, uplifting, loyal, companion you have. NO DRAMA. Is it to be that they will be by your side forever as long as they are in good health and their life is not ending because of age, complications, or unforeseen accidents?

treating a german shepherd dog in vet clinic

I and my pup are besties. She longs for me to be with her in the morning hours when she gets up. She is my alarm clock. My pet is loyal and she gives me unconditional love and she gives so generously.

I write about my pets and pets in general and more articles in the future because I want to just kind of show her off! And share my knowledge on certain breeds and how to care for pet dogs. I can talk about pet fashion and gadgets for pets. I mean her history is not a very good one. I came in contact with my pup when she was 2 weeks old. Soooo small. A little cute malnourished fur ball indeed. She was apricot in color. A very rare curly apricot-colored coat. That turned white after a few visits to the groomers.

I was hesitating to buy her from this person I saw online selling this Maltese-poodle mix puppy because she was having a hard time pooping. When she was introduced to me. I was with a friend. We went to pick her up and I got her. I was worried if I don't get the puppy she might be dead in a few days. I was worried if I don't get her, she won't get the chance to eat. She was looking sickly. My mom assumed she was the last one of the pack-like an ugly duckling so to speak. But my mom fell in love with her when she got home with me in a blankie inside a hamper and she was in it sleeping.

She was very thin and fragile with ribcage showing when she tries to poop. Later on, we nurse her to grow strong and healthy, and pampered. And now she is the cute, smartest, and sweetest pup in our household. I just think she might be needing Greenies. Her breath kind of smells a little. But I love her nonetheless!

Are your pup's habits like this?

white poodle on couch front face portrait photo

My puppy's habits are some of the funniest endearing and lovable habits with a little personality added to them. As I was writing this article a few stood out to me. That I might conclude gestures of affection. See if you can identify if this sounds too familiar to your furry friend.

  1. She smells my breath when it comes to waking me up—paws on my chest.

  2. She nudges my shin if she wants attention or like warns me she would bark to get my attention.

  3. Tries cuddle position with me while watching a movie and opens up her belly for a tummy rub.

  4. If, I mean if we are during the day that we don't get a chance to cuddle, she takes the time to crawl up on my chest if I was laying down and tired and chilling, jump on my lap whenever I am working on the computer, or caress my arm when she wants to cuddle or wants something. Non-verbal heartwarming gestures and cues.

She is that precious and loving and grabs my attention. And melts my heart all the time. She is very much a warm-body cuddly puppy. What's more, is that when we are asleep or taking a nap she connects her paws or anything like skin-to-skin touch. It doesn't get old because that is how she is comfortable and safe with me.

How often do I groom her?

Once every month I bathe her. Once every 3-4 months I take her to the groomer or spa. She used to not like it. But she goes to please me and that is that. She also get to meet her new grooming stylist last session because I changed stylist for her to be comfortable.

The only thing she doesn't like is someone to touch and groom her face. I for one observe that within me grooming her at home in-between visits. She has a hard time focusing on me to cut the fur around her eyes and her fringes. Maybe the sound of the scissors cutting her fur, I really don't know. And refuses sometimes for me to take away the eye stain in the inner corner of her eyes. I just caress her head every time I cut. Caress it again and clean the stain then so on. She is better when you assured her comfort rather than hurry to finish harassing her about the things she doesn't like to do. Oh, believe me, she has days too. That is her personality.

How does my pup make me feel?

I for one am far from my family. But with a little help from my pet companion, she takes off my blues. There are times I think of my mom and shed tears because I can't hug her because she's far away. My pup comforts me and loves me unconditionally when there are times I am sad. I feel her warmth and loving personality. A blessing for me and a pleasure to have her in my life. A definite mood lifter! My Pet Dog, in exploring her obedience and heartwarming gestures, mood-boosting, unconditional love.


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This is a plan. My expectation is likely for my digital magazine to sell as a resource with this help I can let you know more of the things I learn and find every day.


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