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Pet Companion: Does Your Dog Do This?
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Pet Companion: Does Your Dog Do This?

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Pet Companion: Does Your Dog Do This?

pinterest pin with graphic pet companion

Habits of pets amuse dog owners.

We are pet lovers, comforters, owners, and friends of our furry little four-legged companions. 

Have you ever thought about this or felt this immensely about your pets?:

I want to show off my pup just as much as I want to show off if I bought a new car. 

I want to show off my pet dog just as much as I have a new designer handbag!

The list goes on and on…

We love our furry little companions!

And they love us back–unconditionally. 

a woman in a blue hat with pet dog

With that, I thought of how really our furry-legged friends should be treated because of the way this unconditional love they give us says a lot about their personality traits. True, they are subordinate to us because they depend on us for survival, loving little living things. 

Personality traits

The way we admire our pets shows our love for them. Wouldn’t you agree? In turn, they almost overly reciprocate this love back to us. From a little lick, wagging tail, and being obedient and attentive. You can tell they love us and will stay that way for as long as they live.

They comfort us like they are comforting our hearts. When we are sick, crying, not feeling well, or upset they are there listening and observing attentively to our feelings and emotions. 

Companion Pets for Better Mental Health

I have a companion pet myself. She is my other half. 

My best friend and I are the only girl among my siblings, my little sister that I never have.

My mum and I took care of her ever since she was a baby pup 2 weeks old when she arrived to us malnourished and constipated. She was the ugly duckling of the pack. Who turned out to be beautiful when she grew up.

As she was malnourished, we nursed her back to health, and is very full of energy after all.

puppy napping on bed

Sleeps a lot and takes naps like me who has depression and makes me happy as she is the perfect companion dog I asked for. 

My baby, my life.

She helped me cope in my darkest days. When no one can alleviate my feelings of sadness, she’s there clinging to me and making me feel better. 

All of a sudden my guilt feelings, and emotional distress slowly ebbed away. 

Whenever I shed tears, she puts her paws on my chest as if saying, “It’s okay, mama, don’t cry. I am here.”

My pup has long been with me by my side. She is now 12 going on 13. My old (lady) pet has a very pleasant personality. 

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