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Mental Wellness: Supportive Friendships, and Embracing A Bright Future
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Mental Wellness: Supportive Friendships, and Embracing A Bright Future

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

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In my journey to mental health and well-being recovery, I believe that practicing mindfulness in body and mind brings more than just a temporary relief as per my experience because it is a constant battle to acquiring mindfulness.

Like, getting this equation to work as second nature, who wouldn’t be relieved?

It is a way of life. Mental Wellness: Embracing A Bright Future

I have been a mental health patient since I was 13 years of age. And life was not what I always pictured and wanted.

I was in the lurch and back view vantage point all my life. It felt like nobody noticed me. Or even care for me to be a friend.

It is different for others who have a normal brain not like mine to even just introduce myself to others to make friends.

I always have a fear; of rejection, embarrassment, judgment, and most of all the mentality of self-pity, and actuation of enviousness FROM others. I cringe thinking about their disdaining facial expressions towards me.

Fast forward to an older me today, I have been slowly reading about my illness.

Who wouldn't?

It is interesting to know what I have and how can I contain or alleviate from the crutches of it when symptoms exists.

Learning how to introduce myself pleasantly and confidently to others, and the proper way to disclose information about myself and gain my self-respect.

....With that, do not tell others your plan for the future.

It is also good to share your goals, but for my social setting I used full discretion.

I learned this the hard way. Not smart to do the opposite in a social setting in this day and age. I am going to stop there.

I affirmed myself by distracting myself with the symptoms of my specific mental illness which I couldn’t get rid of for a long time which is negative racing thoughts. I took mental notes of it and I conquer it when I am also compliant with my meds.

And on how I distract myself from deep depression when it can as much be avoided. And whatever is for benefit, speak up and fight for what is true and right.

You will earn respect, respect toward yourself, and from others. That will leave them a mark that you are not going to put up with others treating you like a worthless doormat.

In my downtime, I learn. Learn as much and educate myself. Investing in myself no matter what others will say about what I should do. Or manipulate into their mold and thinking.

It is better to have an open mind and a well-versed self to save yourself from the liability of heartache, unworthiness, embarrassment, and guilt. At least now you know how that certain person (in silence) if you cross paths with them again.

Set goals for yourself. Do not just be dormant.

Activate, and practice what you believe can be a better version of you, and gradually you will see results. No matter what others dictate.

Enjoy your mindfulness strategy.

When you don’t come to terms with yourself and you are depressed, distraction is the best way not to involve money though. For the moment, you can craft, take on a class, sign up for a book club, make a blog like I did, start a new hobby, and help others who are genuinely in need of your help.

There is plenty for you to start doing homework and prepare to distract yourself when you are in a slump. Be active and mindful in mind and body.

As you go through and read this blog post think of your future self and what angles you can do to succeed in gaining mental well-being for a more fulfilling future.

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