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Making Products Available for Purchase on My Blog Storefront
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Making Products Available for Purchase on My Blog Storefront

Updated: Apr 14

pinterest pin with graphic and text making products available for purchase based in blog storefront

Once again I try to sell products online. Would I have any luck this time on selling my (ever-joyous) handmade vintage, and cute sticker things? I couldn't get over the fact that I did not sell anything on my last venture. Made tons of sticker sheets and packs for planners. But, needless to say, I would try again.

There is no fun in sulking on what just happened. I need to persevere even though I bear the heartache and wasted materials in making my handmade products last time. I have to let go.

scrapbook spread journaling

Are you with me on this? I hope so!

What am I selling?

Brainstorming Ideas Making Products Available for Purchase on My Blog Store

What I learned from others when they open their store is not reinventing the wheel. What is there is there. Is that sound advice? Does that mean you will always have product competition? Does that doesn't sound right?

Among others drop in their 25 cents on the topic, plan for products that nobody has invented yet or made, and sell them. Is that correct?

In my venture this time, I have forgotten my last slate of product after product disappointment. In my experience when following what others may have said about starting a stationery business I was misled. From others, you would see that followers are not needed. How is that even possible in social media if nobody knows what you are offering? Isn't it traffic hence comes to followers then earnings? If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is in Making Products Available for Purchase on My Blog Store

I should've followed my gut and gained followers first and then sold to my demographics and adjusted my designs based on them too who would like my sample of offerings.

I mean it is a big hurdle to climb if I don't know what I was aiming for. There are always going to be questions about who would like my designs. Is this what people need in their crafting game?

Tapping in The Market

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stationeries. I love making them too for others! That is why I want to make this stationery design my career. Because I am passionate about it.

kawaii cute journaling scrapbook on sketch book

I come up with new ideas even in my sleep. I dream about it and breathe stationery colors and color combinations for my color palette. Kawaii animals, puffy chubby things, (Hihi!🥰 ) cute pastel colors, all the works just for Kawaii stationery.

I see others having success in their online stationery and sticker business. I know I can have that too. I am doing what they are doing perhaps and it is time to have a piece of that pie that they show like packing orders and making more kawaii stationery, stickers, and handmade vintage scrapbook albums to sell with embellishments.

I would love for you to check often for my Storefront if it has launched in the future!


Lily Bell

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