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Maintenance Organizing Kitchen: Tips To Organize Small Kitchen Space
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Maintenance Organizing Kitchen: Tips To Organize Small Kitchen Space

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

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The kitchen is the setting where one's heart desires to make amazing food.

The kitchen is a haven for all delicacies. It is where food is made with love.

Working in a kitchen to make ever-so-delicious meals that come from ingredients provided by a recipe. Some by memory even where I do not need any recipe, but cleaning and organizing is another story. Tips to organize small kitchen space.

See, my kitchen is small since I have a studio apartment. Nonetheless, it is a full kitchen. Less refrigerator and microwave. When I moved in I had to provide that for my own.

But it is fully functional with a stove and a dishwasher. It is small, but I managed to squeeze a few items for storage in places I can see and reach when I need it.

I love working in my kitchen. My favorite time to work in my kitchen is at noon-esque before lunchtime. I have a love-hate relationship with the lights working in the evening time or early hours of the morning when light from an outside source is not available.

There are 4 fluorescent lights which are harsh and so bright. So I work around it. The lights kind of hurt my eyes being there in the kitchen for too long. But I work with it sometimes when my kitchen can't access light from the outside source coming through the window near the dining area.

Today as much as I can clean maintenance in the kitchen and vacuum the small foyer. And clean out the appliances and glass shelf that I have in the foyer. We will be good to go. Here is my vlog video on my YouTube channel for that.

Tips in organizing. If you're like me and have a small kitchen.

Rubber bands: If you have appliances that are placed together in a shelving unit this would be really fun to do and gives you peace of mind especially when you rush to cook only to find the wires are tangled with each other. And may have the risk of falling from the shelf because you don't know which wire belongs to what appliance and grab it in a hurry.

So, to keep it organized, you can use rubber bands with an accordion fold style on the wires and put rubber bands on it.

Lazy Susan: This has been an indispensable gadget that I had acquired recently. I like the versatility and added space.

The function can give you a split second to deliver what you want because of its rotation functionality. It also gives an aesthetically pleasing look to the space. Pretty neat!

A Dish Rack: You know how to use one of these if you have washed dishes and worked in a kitchen. It keeps things dry and organized.

Shelving unit: The organization of appliances should not be overlooked especially when having a small kitchen. Hazards should be avoided near sinks and other wet areas to stay clear from them.

So a shelving unit where you can put your appliance far from these areas of high traffic and use will be suitable. Like mine.

shelving unit with kitchen appliances

Rolling narrow cart: We all have spices in the kitchen. Sometimes it could get out of hand especially when you don't have space to tuck them in like organizing it from a drawer.

Then you get another option. A rolling cart that is narrow enough to tuck in near say for example at the side of the fridge and between the end of a countertop. Then you can put and arrange them how you would like it.

Picture frame nails: Do you ever get a nail kit? I have these lying around somewhere. It has different size nails all in a range for hanging small photo frames and art canvases.

I have ones that hang my always-used kitchen cooking utensils in front of me above the sink when I work in my kitchen. Easy access!

Square container: Do you ever get worried about where to store your clean rags? I got this square container from the Dollar Tree. I used it to store my folded and rolled rags inside the container and make the opening face me so that it is easy to access and I know when piles of rags needed to be washed when running empty.

red square container with towels and kitchen rags

These are things I use on a daily basis for organizing my kitchen in a way that makes my life easier and more convenient. I wonder if others with the same sized kitchen as mine make use of their spaces. Maybe some are similar? I wouldn't know unless you tell me.

Please leave me a comment on how you utilize organizing your small space.

Thank you for reading!

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