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If I Were To Prep For A Tea Party: Here's What To Prep (Food Ideas Listicles)
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

If I Were To Prep For A Tea Party: Here's What To Prep (Food Ideas Listicles)

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What can you prepare for a tea party besides the tea?

As you go grocery shop for your tea party, think of what goes well with the teas you will serve. And we all know there are tons of flavors and mixes of teas out there so it could get overwhelming.

If you are not adept at all the flavorings and the garnishes of well-balanced flavors of teas or want to make your own blend, and for some who want milk instead of hot water in their serving, research it first.

I mean there is no right or wrong rule for this, I guess? But if you are a novice, (like me), you should be guided by an army of information to do research to make your 'tea part' of the party a success to impress!

If you would like I could make another article for you and update you on what I can find in regards to serving tea for a party. With guests of 4 or more.

Our aim for today is to gather ideas for what food to serve with our tea pairings beverage.

Let's get on with the search for the perfect food to bring to guests. A lot of these ideas I find online are condensed into this blog article. What To Prep (Food Ideas Listicles)

Savory Bits

turkey tea sandwich

Courtesy: Taste of Home

cucumber canapes

Courtesy: Taste of Home

sausage rolls

Coutesy: BBC Good Food

apple and cheddar mini scones

Courtesy: Taste of Home

Sweet delights

rhubarb and strawberry pie

Courtesy: Taste of Home

orange dream mini cupcakes

Courtesy: Taste of Home

cranberry orange scones

Courtesy: Taste of Home

mini lemon cheesecake tarts

Courtesy: Taste of Home

pecan shortbread tea cakes

Courtesy: Taste of Home

Here's to the tea party!

I did not think outside the box for this. I just type in Google keywords these search results are done for you through this blog with source references to the websites they came from.

I had fun writing this article. Do you want another one of these in the future? Comment below and I will definitely make another article like this. These recipes are just the way to start as a kicker to please guests.

Now all you have to do is look for the perfect tea pairings for these and you are good to go.

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