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I Started Blogging and Learning Many Things With This Digital Lifestyle
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

I Started Blogging and Learning Many Things With This Digital Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 16

pinterest pin with graphic text I started blogging.

Do you aspire to write and start a blog? This article is for you if you are like me and want to start blogging on your terms and learn many things from others who blog and live this digital lifestyle. Please read on to find out.

I am quite assertive that I can talk about this topic now. It's as if I started this blog 2-5 years ago. I started other blogs in the past but I did not accomplish to pursue them because I was distracted. I barely started this one. Only did close to 1 year. But I can tell it is time to tackle this topic until everything is rekindled some parts of the blogging journey (something like a particular trend is back). And for some aspects keep moving forward to learn more new things.

While this is the topic I know as of now, think of it as your fashion wardrobe for every season. Whatever skill you have or learned don't discard it. Save it for a rainy day. Who knows a trend from the past will start again and you will get ahead of it because you are prepared.

You already knew what would come and you trained yourself and learned the skill. So save yourself some headaches and do not throw your learned skill away. Recycle them for other times.

This learning process is the awesome lifestyle you choose to live. Nobody can do it for you. So learn as much as you can and start watching and monitoring trends, and newfound activities in your niche.

When they say blogging is hard, who said it isn't?

But I am here to show you what blogging is. To inspire you if you have wanted to live this digital lifestyle as well. And add your take on the community if you have succeeded. And well done! I know you can do it.

Becoming the Trade with Your Research: I Started Blogging and Learning Many Things With This Digital Lifestyle

Let me ask you this question?

In your research to find out if blogging is for you, what was the most important thing you took away from it?

Is it the schedule, freedom, the likeness of working at your own pace in "learning as you go", influence for others' benefits in you're willingness to help others in your particular niche subject, maybe the passive income, or passion for your craft?

Whatever it may be, the importance of thorough research in blogging will help you inspire and become the one you want in these choices.

The desire is there. Do not postpone it if you have researched if blogging is for you. Make sure to lit up that fire and do it. While you start learning and shaping your expertise and authority in your niche.

Keeping the Love That Brings You to Blogging-Never Let Go of It

Maintaining the initial passion and enthusiasm for blogging would be sometimes fleeting. Other times you want to learn new things. And other times working on other things.

For example, building the actual website/blog itself can be a daunting task. Especially if you are going the route of doing it yourself. To save expenses. It can be overwhelming.

Strategically keep priorities on your blogging journey first. Like learning to build a website. At least you can prioritize the writing and publishing of your articles on the blog next when it is ready to go. I wish I would have done it that way too when I started out.

With that squared away, we all need to persevere in blogging. It has significance and impact on your would-be fans if sense that you are trying to make it work. Especially if you start out from nothing knowing you in the blogging industry.

When you ask me how I stay committed during challenging times? Just let go of worry. In this blogging sphere, we are all humans we have schedules other than making articles about recipes, or "How to Tell Poison Ivy From Other Ivies Growing in Your Backyard?" articles. We offer our free expertise by writing articles on this matter we live to do our research and we need to have a break sometimes from stressors in life too.

If we constantly sabotage our other lifestyle, then it won't sustain our digital lifestyle in the long run. And on the other spectrum of things, left the blog like a ghost town with no action at all. Would also be struggling your start up as a blogger. We have to be balanced.

**a photo of a woman with her computer screen on charts and metrics, a light background, antique trinkets on the table, and light blue with light yellow wallpaper, she's facing the wall, and in front of the photo her back view in front of a computer screen.

After all, what were we doing to inspire ourselves to blog anyway? Isn't it to live on our terms for a passion we want to pursue?

Passion is Added Next and Look with Optimism

The role of passion in sustaining a successful blog is to motivate us to learn or to research. Whether that is implementing SEO strategies, looking at apps to streamline your publishing, marketing your articles in newsletters for reads and views and traffic, or making your schedule and topics to write for the month and make deadlines we are infusing some, if not all our passion in our content and blogging routine. To give it a push. And we progress a little at a time. We are not indeed stagnant. Nope, not in here!

The power of a positive mindset in blogging can take you to the most heights you never have known. For me, I am just truly ecstatic and exhilarated when I see my metric improve like page views and visitors. For my AdSense account improvement of my impressions likely contributes to a higher measurement of CTR.

There was a time I forced myself to work on my writing and research when I was not feeling too well. And what resonates on my writing is what I felt. Don't be like me. Keep being informative and stick to your niche topics. Do not sidetrack that you just have to write an article because you haven't in a long time. If you are not feeling it mentally stop and breathe and get back the next day or so.

Take your time to go back to the ways of researching again and go from there.

Overcoming setbacks and staying motivated is key to progression and it is awesome for you to fulfill these hurdles and come victorious.

Investing for Passive Income: Looking at It as a Business

You can not remove the business aspect from blogging. After all understanding that it is a business should be one of your priorities while learning on this journey. I love how there are options to monetize your blog. Like the tips I mentioned on this article I posted:

*A photo of a woman on a desk with writing materials, vintage pink and gold wallpaper wall and antique chairs, office.


When you are ready and certainly have amass a traffic for your blog it would be easy to survive this start up.

Learn from Others Who Have Been Blogging as Inspiration

The value of mentorship and networking on the blogging community has been overrated to some. While it is valuable it is hard to get a clear picture from the noise when some claim to say they have done it and they know a shortcut or real source to do it easily. The truth of it is everything takes time.

They are just there to take your money and from a handsome expense at that. They key here is work on what is of value for you and others and hone in your expertise on the niche you are in and bring in the knowledge you can put on the table for you and for others who knows your writing and can see that they have benefited from your articles.

Truly, you can go so many ways in doing this but stay close to your mission, your ideals because you are just starting out. It has to be embedded in you not to be swayed by doing other things. Supporting yourself and with the diversion from other things is not going to get you anywhere.

Make sure if you do other content creating avenues put it on the side for awhile. If your focus is on blogging then do it first and test the waters so to speak. Maybe you will like it or you don't then move on to other things.

I bet you while you are researching and see the continuous learning curve in blogging you are going to encounter a fork in the road and learn other skills that can present an opportunity to you that you might like doing too. It happened to me.

Do not get confused and stick to what speaks your heart. If you can do more then do more in the future. But for now focus on one thing which maybe is blogging to you.

Even with the help of a mentor you can make mistakes. And staying low key and learning from them can make such a difference to you as a person and to your growth professionally.

Do Not Get Motivated by the Hype

Everybody knows about the ads on your social media feeds on courses that doesn't have to do with the actual substance building of blogging in itself but will say that they are a community of bloggers and they have learned this and that for so many years they practice their skills on what's best for newbie blogging careers the easier way through this app or something. They have students who makes six figures a month blogging. And these students amass wealth and travel the world with the money they earn as revenue from these blogging websites they built or something to that.

If only that it were true like this. Everything would be like this. And everybody will quit their jobs and do blogging. LOL!🙄--Who wouldn't?

Farther from the truth.

What the reality of it is, hard work, patience, sleepless nights, waiting for approvals, troubleshooting, and research, learning, communication, emails, schedules...yaddy, yaddy, yadda....and so on. I think you get the picture.

Examine and Count the Costs

This digital lifestyle is not easy but it can be rewarding to see what you have accomplished. Even if we are not talking monetary. As far back as I can see, I have different blog ideas. I had different types of content writing ideas. And to say the least I keep asking myself, "Where do I start?"

Some people say this niche is saturated. How do you stand out?

Well if its some kind of relief, we are not late to the event. I might tell you start now though.

Blogging like any other content creating (because it is under that umbrella) can make you burn out if you don't have a plan and the driving force which is passion.

**photo of a woman accepting the change from a cashier in a grocery store. Counting her change, light background, bright scene.

But even if you don't earn but the results are welcomed with great reviews because you helped someone with your research. Whether how to style pieces for interior decors, or a long time favorite recipe of flan just how your mum used to make when she learned it in baking school in your shares of recipe in your blog can liven up the spark of motivation to keep you going because you know others would want to hear more of you. Others want to share with you. And others want a community with you.

So, in my life of blogging, stopping, not finishing and I know in my heart I should've just kept going. It is not too late for me now to continue this. And for an introvert like me, it helps greatly!

Blogging Needs Time to Be Fruitful While Gradually Counting Your Blessings

When I first started blogging I was so overwhelmed with the "doing it right the first time" mentality. That it crippled me from getting out of my comfort zone. If you look at two blogs that have similar niche. You might just see that they are not closely alike. Their style of writing, their charisma, and their factual content are not at all the same.

Approaching to find your writing style is through patience and consistency.

You might also check if how you are doing in your timelines. Is it for immediate results? You might want to have your articles due dates attainable to you when you are also figuring out when is the best time to post them in the beginning stages of owning a blog.

Little things like appreciating the opportunities and experiences gained through blogging can have a profound effect with you and your audience. You are well adept to know what to write about and the need for it.

One of the motivating factor is gratitude. Aside from passion, this can give you through lengths of positive feedback and enable you to come out from your comfort zone in brainstorming other things to develop around your niche when others are raving about you blog. Maybe your recipes and other things to speak good about your contribution and reputation to this industry. A gratitude indeed from you, for you, and for others-interchanging!

SEO is Real and Goes Hand in hand with Content Value

Now that we are done talking about inspirations, motivation, and mindsets lets get to the grit of some of the technical sides of blogging.

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is important in driving traffic to your blog. When you first have your blog website it is good to optimize every page for SEO so that it can be found in Google. That is the aim initially to be found on the worlds biggest search engine. Like fighting for the front page of Google.

There is no shortcut to doing this but optimizing your site and the more articles you write and optimized for SEO the easier your site can be found.

Making it more reasonable to write more of your articles with valuable content and you are good to go!

Introducing the Subject to Start Blogging to Someone

In this day and age where most of us consumes content that others create digitally my tips for beginners on how to start their blogging journey is just to start.

You are not late for the meal. You still can contribute for your own take on your own blogging niche. Someone out there is looking for this specific information and we want your knowledge and say on it. And it is important. Let the readers be the judge and don't paralyzed yourself with the more heavier thoughts on how to go about it. You will learn skills as you go.

Influence to Others' Benefit

The impact of your blog on your audience is well received. Why would you turn down an article to help if you searched for it and read it was practical and with value? Does it makes sense when I say that?

Whatever you can put in your blogging according to your niche and industry with your research are what others are researching too.

So, use this platform to progress to inspire others. In the end all of us will benefit from these things we talked about, have written, and read.

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