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Different Kinds Of Colorful Handmade Ideas And Patterns: To Decorate A Notebook With Ease
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Different Kinds Of Colorful Handmade Ideas And Patterns: To Decorate A Notebook With Ease

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

pinterest pin graphic with text Hnafmade ideas and patterns for notebook decoration

Want to learn ideas on how to jazz up your plain composition notebooks? I have just got the article for you!

Why settle for a plain notebook when you can enjoy more to it by re-designing its front cover? I am sure you have pulled your hair out of frustration (not entirely, I'm just kidding!) when you can't find the right notebook for the subject for they all look alike. LOL! I know it sounds so cliché like it comes from a scene of a comedy movie to describe why you feel like that: patience, patience my dear. When you read this article and do some easy crafting, now you won't have to pull your hair out of frustration. And enjoy the school year with the fruits of your labor.

Affiliate Disclosure:

* This article contains affiliate links. Without any additional charge by viewing the links on my blog, if you purchase the products and items or subscribe to a service, I may earn a small commission to fund my blog and make it grow. It would buy me tea which I would definitely sip while brainstorming more awesome articles such as this. Thanks for your support.

Colorful Handmade Ideas And Patterns: To Decorate A Notebook

#1 Geometric Triangles

triangle cutout design in front of cover of notebook and colored pencils

As one of the shapes that we could possibly put on our page, I could easily get to this with ease while in an afternoon tea and pass time filling the whole front cover of the notebook.

What we need:

How to do it:

Take one blank copy paper or another option of solid colored copy paper and glue it to the front with a UHU glue stick. This glue stick dries fast, is tacky, and sturdy.

We can use either three of these kinds of paper for the next step. The solid colored or patterned or construction papers.

Make geometric lines forming triangles with the ruler and pencil and cut the pieces.

Paste them to the front cover of the blank canvas notebook.

*TIP: If you have a rounded corner notebook, you can cut the triangle edges as much as you can to the edge. Then, use the corner punch to punch it the corner to finish it off. Now you have a professionally made front cover.

#2 Fruits

first semester science of tissue culturing text on teal notebook front cover flatlay with bananas

How about a fruit cut out? You can find these graphics in Canva click here for my affiliate link! You can print and stick the label to a notebook cover.

In this case, we have a banana bunch and some free Google within Canva font choices in the text.

And Voila! You have got to be doing a good job organizing your notebooks but labeling them by taking your artistic side to a notch.

#4 Washi Cloud

washi cloud notebook front cover and text 1 and only lily bell

This cloud washi is easy to make. All you need is a themed shape and stripes of different colored washi to conceal the shape. Hence, whatever shape you come up with in the first place is what the shape of the final outcome is with patterned washi tapes.

What we need:





Here are the steps (with photos):

To make up a shape in this instance I drew a cloud and cut it to the drawn shape line.

drawn cloud on white cardstock

cutting the cloud shape with scissors from white cardstock

Position the tape into a pattern. I tape it into a slanted pattern and cover the whole cloud with washi.

placing a slanted pattern washi tape stripe on the cloud shape

Tape and cut.

cutting the washi strip after placing it on the cloud shape

Gently lift it up!

lifting the washi pattern stripes  from the table with the cloud shape backing

Close up this is what it looks like so far.

cutting the edges of washi tape to form the cloud shape backing

Flip it over and cut and clean the edge of the shape.

flipped the cloud shape over to see where I am cutting the the cloud shape backing

another view of cutting the edges of the cloud shape

cloud washi with excess washi tape and scissors

Making this article was such a fun way to give you my audience an idea of what I think to be helpful at the beginning of the school year whether it be for yourself or a loved one that you can help in jazzed up labeling their notebooks, I have got you on this. There's part 2 soon!

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