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Don't Make a Bad Day Spoil a Happy Activity
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Don't Make a Bad Day Spoil a Happy Activity

Updated: Jun 11

Pinterest pin with graphics and text Don't make a bad day spoil a happy activity. Two Victorian lady friends helping to fix each others make up after crying.

Ever cross your mind how you get ideas not to make a bad day spoil a happy activity even before it happens? In this article, we will discuss key topics of recognizing happiness as a gift, mental peace, and how we are raised influences our happiness. If you have encountered this idea thinking in your life and wondering if these are valid reasons, then this article will help you in a way to recognize (generally speaking) that we're with you. Who doesn't want happy?

Disclosure: I am not a healthcare professional. This is just an article I researched and wrote, together with personal experience. This is in no way intended to replace medical advice. Please consult your physician for that.

I am writing this article to gain clarity about this topic. Some of us experience this once in a while or the past. And moderately speaking, you might reencounter this decision-making in the future.

To save yourself from embarrassment on how to react in a given situation before it happens while you can be armed and assertive with this information it is good to know to reinforce what we believe all along. It can help decide by memory how to alleviate the situation before it happens.

With this we will discuss the key topics of the article in recognizing happiness as a gift, maintaining mental peace, and making happiness long-lasting. We will develop reasoning in this article to help prevent a bad day from spoiling a good activity even before it happens. If you made a mistake in the past, patiently try again.

Happiness as a Gift

The nature of happiness is a precious gift we all possess. It is more than putting up a smile on your face, laughing, and feeling happy. It is a sense of need we all have to acquire but not limited to the emotions of peace, kindness, and being giving whether towards ourselves or others.

Happiness makes the world go round.

Isn't that true?

If we choose to show all we have as having a happy disposition, everything in our space will be filled and reciprocate what energy we have.

So as a responsibility to maintain do not take for granted the importance of taking care of our happiness and making it a lasting part of our lives.

How We Are Raised Influences Our Happiness

Heart to heart, question. Have you ever asked yourself if you were raised right?

As a woman in my 40's I have come across this question-ing myself. I have been thinking this thinking and it is bothering me a lot. Given I am making it of "self-assessment" for growth. Because I know I have been raised right by God-fearing parents.

Even though my illness sometimes hinders me from discussing this topic within myself, I fell immediately into the worry of having myself scrutinized my bad attitudes, overlooking my appealing ones. And lean on a resolute decision that I am a bad person, that is how others perceive me.

Immediately I judge myself. As if I have no good attributes.

It is a symptom of my mental health issues. To come to an immediate verdict that the better agreeable pros do not even slightly outweigh the cons.

I was feeling this myself as this illness had me tied down and showed itself when my life made a 360-degree turn. A circumstance on how constant prejudice and bullying towards (me) a person, can reflect a bad taste in my fragile, non-combative predicament, and these reflective memories will stay for a long time.

I got so overwhelmed, that I did not care what people said to me later on in my life (as a coping mechanism) and blocked everything even the good of others' kind words toward me. Because I couldn't recognize if it was just a facade or not. So I believe and consider every comment to be a facade.

Truth be told, if someone is mean towards me, or insults me, I never insult back. I am taken aback-I don't even know what to say! But realized later it was embarrassing and it hurts. A delayed reaction of grudging towards that person who hurt me.

I have no power to retrieve the situation back by (blocking my eardrums) and not hearing what the insulting person said. I hope this article would have reached her before she acts so that she can be educated.

When you are unarmed and you have been hit in your practically peaceful and safe ecosystem. Who got destroyed by an army of four (in my case) who had started a wildfire with deadly poison in hand.

How do they say it? "Let it go. Do not get even."

Even if it is unfair.

You just can reason to yourself, "I did not do anything to her." Sounds familiar?


In my adolescence, I was happy.

a happy girl playing in the garden hiding behind a flower bush.

If I am not having depressive symptoms, I would think to base this article on when I was raised as a happy adolescent.

I am a believer that our upbringing's impact on happiness shapes our approach to feeling the emotion of happiness and the perception of the world around us. Keep in mind that everything can change if you are experiencing unhappiness and there is no way out at the moment, you might feel like me to be depressed.

Or did the later experiences mentioned happen to you or were somewhat similar? What would you do? Given you have read this article in hopes of finding clarification of the situation when someone is judging your company. Helping you realize it is not just you who experienced these kinds of things. Or keep this article in the back of your mind as your support in cool countenance when you encounter that person again.

I tell you, you might be flabbergasted and confused like me. But do not be triggered.

Think of it as they cannot win and they shouldn't treat you like a doormat. Affirm you're more than enough. Then just leave if the situation arises and you see them again. Don't Make a Bad Day Spoil a Happy Activity.

If you encounter this and make it resolve to change it back when you were happy, you definitely can. Just think of the things you enjoy again and what made you happy and seek out help and support from your trusted loved ones.

Do not go on with nesting your emotions and feeling stagnant with your bad habits including pretending to appreciate bad friendships and relationships. In this case, you are deceiving yourself. You might be thinking there's no one else at the moment to fill the IMMEDIATE VOID.

Be pro-active! Including seeking solace in trustworthy people in your life. It is worth it even if you have to wait a little. If there is no one else as a last resort, you're family will be there for you.

Just remember whether it is suppressed or expressed happiness, our different backgrounds can shape us. What goes on in our thinking and what we feed our emotions and our experiences, our environment, will be seen through our actions and attitudes. If not now, it will in the long run, especially in an unseemly predicament. It will surface. Only time will tell when you are not aware.

Qualities and Habits That Affect Happiness

Our personal qualities impact our overall happiness. Back to the topic of how we are raised influences our happiness, we are molded into our thinking of what we are used to doing and reacting in the present from how we flex our habits so to speak.

Inherited traits or learned habits keeping closely attentive to them, we can recognize certain behaviors. That can work up in our conscience.

If there are bad habits we do well benefit from not nurturing these. Gravitating toward the right habits by practicing mindfulness, kindness, and tactfulness. In thinking of asking yourself before reacting to others, would your reaction benefit both parties? With no ulterior motives or starting defensive excuses and accusations that you can get back to be used later in a conversation festering up a grudge and weighing heavy on a person's conscience. Let it go.

Develop habits that contribute positively to long-lasting happiness. It is not too late to start now.

Choosing to Make Happiness Long-Lasting. Don't Make a Bad Day Spoil a Happy Activity

Even if we are not in an agreeable upbringing, we can likely revert our future to making happiness at the forefront of our lives. We all can do it! And we have the means to do it. Making happiness not short-lived.

We can likely reflect on our attitude and recognize what we can do to encourage ourselves to have the time to self-care. Establish a coping mechanism by not seeking to blame others for how we reacted in a situation, our bad attitude and habits, our unseemly speech, and our actions.

Enjoying the benefits of good habits can extend and enhance our sense of happiness.

Photo of a lady enjoying peaceful moments, sitting outside a cafe, beside the beach, happy and smiling.

Preventing a Bad Day from Spoiling a Good Activity

Maintaining a positive outlook even on bad days. Keeping our perspective and mindset filled with positive experiences contributes to being happy.

And one more thing, spending time with loved ones can elevate our mood and salvage the day. Especially with the little members of the family and even other trusted friends kids. You can even learn from them about being humble and having a good and fun time. Always a charm to hang out with friends who have kids.

Spending time with well-meaning friends can provide comfort and positivity during difficult moments. Distract you from harmful thinking and more in a slump. What a marvelous prospect of happy events happening in your life! You do well appreciate good friends when you need them.

Associating with Like-Minded People

When we have a community of friends spending time with those who share our values can nurture happiness.

Bonding in mutual activities promotes shared interests and enhances well-being. Who doesn't want that? In finding common ground, know about what everyone's interests are. Widen out and show support in meaningful association.

For all we know, the benefits of shared enjoyment in participating in mutual activities can strengthen relationships and boost happiness. Makes our day peaceful and contributes to a happy day.


Happiness is making us evolve and adjust. Whether we grow up in an unseemly environment, or our upbringing is peaceful and teaches us ways to live life decently and endure hardships.

Happiness does not contribute to self-gratification. It does not gravitate toward the bad habits of not practicing mindfulness, kindness, and tactfulness including peace.

Happiness is not short-lived.


If you find that this is helpful, please leave me a community comment in the box below. So that I may know to write more about topics such as these. I aim to benefit my readers who might experience something like this. Know you are not alone. We all have mishaps in life and it is okay. It is not easy explaining my experience but to the best of my ability, I hope dear reader, you can resonate with my article. I am here with you.

Please get in touch with my FB group where we are here to communicate, share recipes, and craft like nobody's watching. And pin this article on Pinterest follow me there too!

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