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Blogging Potential With SEO Basics Through Simplified Content Creation
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Blogging Potential With SEO Basics Through Simplified Content Creation

Updated: Apr 14

woman in white shirt sitting on chair writing for readability

Blogger's tips on how we can be better at simplified content creation. Are you ready to know if your blog has blogging potential? Then read on, who knows this might be the article you need in composing your content to rank high starting with SEO basics.

Every start-up blogger knows how difficult it could be when you are a little fish in a big pond and some fish have fattened up in the pond bigger than you. HUHU...😟

discouraged blogger realizing blog potential

Do not let that get you discouraged.

We all have to start somewhere and this is not a competition. It is a journey.

Think of it as a gauge to reach your goal. And the minute you start and focus on the little inches of progress, can get you somewhere fattened up like the other fishes.

Blogging Potential With SEO Basics Through Simplified Content Creation

Realizing blog potential at first, seems like a big hurdle.

Despite the technicalities of the platform itself for website development. Seeing that there are other successful bloggers ahead of others, there is a big question that goes on in people's minds when starting a blog: how did others do it?

If you can write and hire a web developer on or other freelance websites to build your website to simplify things. Then all you have to do is write to your heart's content. Then your Blogging Potential together With SEO Basics Through Simplified Content Creation will be realized.

Suppose part of your blog growth strategy is to write high-quality content that resonates with your audience. You are on a roll of not running out of content to put out there. Then there's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We will get to it later in the article.

But you have a goal to write high-quality content. And that is one of the blog optimization techniques!

How do you start in the first place? Isn't it through WRITING quality blog articles?

Realizing blog potential, in the very beginning, can lighten up the load of the hurdle you will encounter when starting up a blog. Trust me in this journey you learn as you go. At your own pace, you are learning every day if you are working on your blogosphere knowledge whenever you can on your terms. No pressure!

Understanding SEO

SEO basics-there are a lot of trial and error. There is no set stone to what you can do to have perfect SEO keywords at that, every time.

If there is an app for gauging the SEO rankings of your articles it can vary from time to time. Like the Google console. You may think of not hitting the high note.

But it seemed like other days and as time progressed you will see progress. So keep fine-tuning your SEO. When traffic seems to fatten you up and your article goes viral. No longer little fish in a big pond.

You may have SEO insights, try it. If there is an unclear trend in SEO, look to SEO demystified values. Do not look at what others are doing wrong. When learning from articles you might have read from other bloggers maybe if it is too good to be true, or not clear, and it doesn't make any sense then don't try it. This will save you time.

Decoding SEO algorithms while navigating search engine optimization early on. Do whatever you can with writing high-quality content and have SEO-optimized keywords on your articles and that can bring your articles of your blog to rank high and be favored by SEO.

Simplified Writing

On the other hand, you can save yourself from headaches if topics to discuss are running low for your articles. Be in writing for clarity.

In your simplified content creation, clear writing techniques stand out more. Relatable with your audience that surprisingly can attract them to read more of your articles hence organic traffic.

Implified content creation by a woman typing blog articles on laptop

Having high-quality writing for readability and simplifying complex ideas. Makes it easier for your audience, readers, and you as a content creator to dive into the discussion of the topic simplified. Then SEO will push it to readers looking for this topic keyword on Google.

It is not easy at first, but just be yourself like you are in a conversation in writing, not a lecture or formal presentation.

Break up the sentences of the paragraphs into digestible chunks.

So, a recap of what we have discussed. My takeaway from this article is to write quality content. Quality over quantity is better.

Keep learning SEO strategy and grow your knowledge of it.

Write for better clarity your article must be cohesive and make sense not just a bunch of keywords tossed in the article.

In simplifying your writing try to be conversational like you are talking to a friend only on a bigger scale of readers.

So, does your blog have potential? It does! When you start it is addictive not to stop. You have a lot of things to write and discuss and why not offer your expertise to the world with your blog articles?

If you are unsure and you get intimidated for whatever reason like my illustration a little fish in the big pond. Just start and try! I am rooting for you 100% all the way.

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