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Air Fry Thai/Vietnamese Marinade Chicken Thighs Recipe
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

Air Fry Thai Vietnamese Marinade Chicken Thighs Recipe

Updated: May 1

pinterest board pin graphic with title text thai/vietnamese fusion: air fryer skinless protein chicken thighs plus a tip to thaw faster

Hello! How are you? Today, we are going to give this recipe a go that I have been wanting to make as my own whenever I am in a hurry to cook. Of course, you can never go wrong with defrosting it beforehand to let it soak in the flavor of the marinade gradually. It is very essential for that step. But if you are in a time crunch and need to defrost it ASAP without compromising the marinade rest, take the portioned frozen chicken thighs soak them in a bowl of water, and add white vinegar to the mixture. Not only will it defrost it quickly or so but it will also prep the chicken for better flavor.

I have tried this with frozen shrimp, and any kind of frozen meat protein.

There has been a process done as a timed experiment that showed that vinegar with added water defrosted frozen meat the quickest, with salt water coming in second. Subsequent research showed that this is because vinegar has a lower freezing point than salt, which gives it a faster thawing process.

So, give it a try!

Air Fry Thai/Vietnamese Marinade Chicken Thighs Recipe

This is not a hand-me-down recipe that I gathered from my family's cooking and entertaining. As we all know Tick Tock is huge on short-form recipes. Tick Tock is the inspiration for this recipe. (Tick Tock made me do it!)

How I concoct the marinade flavor of this Thai/Vietnamese Marinade Fusion

To bring it down some more to a smaller category as recalling a mini taste test of different Asian cuisines. I gather it to be a Thai/Vietnamese cuisine fusion. I will be adding ginger powder and lemongrass powder. Adding sweets like brown sugar or honey of course to make it a little colored when it's cooked I will add soy sauce for color.

This is so good to be eaten hot with hot rice and a dipping sauce with serrano peppers and more heat with chili flakes and seasoned vinegar.

So, onto the recipe that is Tick Tock inspired with a little Thai/Vietnamese cuisine flava fusion.


Let me know how yours turned out.

Send me a photo(s) in the comments! Thanks in advance.

Munchies of Love,

Lily Bell

Air Fry Thai/Vietnamese Marinade Chicken Thighs Recipe

recipe card with ingredients list and prep and cook time

How to Prep:

To a thawed and washed meat place in a bowl. Add minced garlic, powdered lemongrass, powdered ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, and honey (not pictured).

chicken with garlic

chicken with powdered lemongrass

chicken with 1 tsp. powdered ginger

chicken thighs with tbsp of soy sauce

chicken thighs pouring in a bowl with fish sauce

chicken thighs in a bowl pouring in vinegar

Mix all marinade ingredients with chicken thighs.

Rest in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or overnight.

chicken thighs on a stainless bowl with all the ingredients including brown sugar

chicken thighs in a bowl mixed in with ingredients

When ready to cook in an air fryer for 25-30 minutes check once in a while to flip sides. Or until cooked through.

And you're ready to enjoy!

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