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A Good Washing of Clothes While Living In An Apartment: Are Laundromats Helpful?
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A Good Washing of Clothes While Living In An Apartment: Are Laundromats Helpful?

Updated: Apr 14

pinterest pin with text and graphics are laundromats helpful?

Laundromats for apartment dwellers are sometimes tough to even think about. It seems like the drive of wanting to get up and wash clothes is a daunting task like a mountain to climb. Especially when there is no available laundry nearby. Do we think alike?

I am sure you can attest to that. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable laundry solution.

In laundromats, there are ways you can be convenient if drop-off services are available for your particular area. As such we will discuss in this article how you can pick a laundromat that is suitable for you. Make A Good Washing of Clothes While Living In An Apartment community laundromats help apartment dwellers making it easier to wash their clothes.

There is always a sense of city-like life when you live in an apartment. After all, that is what life is like for some who live in the city. The apartment living.

apartment living

My family and I always have rented a house to live in. We never lived in the city where we were living in an apartment. We always rented a house and lived in it. But as times are tough in the economy and for us, the affordable solution was to rent an apartment at this time. At this time there were no available houses for rent in the area. Even hiring a management property to look for houses, there were none.

So, we did. But we did not choose the luxury side of it. Like washer and drier hookups and other amenities that somewhat can alleviate the hassle and inconvenience of washing clothes.

As much as saving money, we sacrifice that particular convenience for a doable task that we can find ways to manage if we are pressed with time and are so busy we can't go to laundromats for 2-3 hours to wash clothes and figure out our convenient laundry solutions.

Advantages of Laundromats for Apartment Dwellers: Are Laundromats Helpful?

Try to google locations of laundromats in your area so that you can get a bird's eye view of what is available for apartment laundry. As I see a pattern in the area we live in, the more there is a concentration of apartment dwellers where the closest laundromats are.

See for yourself if that is the case in your area. I'm pretty sure there is a laundromat half a mile from you. I'm sure there is one hiding somewhere!

For convenience try looking at their extended operating hours if there is a chance of an emergency wash that you can't avoid in the future.

Time-Saving Laundry Washing Options

There are multiple facets of washing clothes in a laundromat. Some offer services apart from self-serve where they have a drop-off and pick-up for those who don't want to spend the time to do laundry inside the laundromat.

This is a time-saving washing option because you can pick it up in the laundromat once they have done your laundry and it is a cost-effective service. You don't have to bring or pay for the soap and other materials for the wash they provide it for you.

In comparing this to the cost of in-unit machines for self-service, I think it is best to try both and see which is more convenient. But, I am going to say this as per the answer to the topic of the discussion the drop-off service is much easier because of the convenience of time in your hands not to be stuck in the laundromat waiting for the laundry to finish, unlike self-service.

Overcoming Apartment Laundry Constraints

One of the reasons why my family chose a laundromat to wash our clothes is the limited space our laundry facilities in the apartment have. And the washer and dryer are so small you have to have 2-3 loads of each every time you wash. Which isn't sustainable laundry practice.

woman with laundry load in a laundry basket

And sometimes there is a lack of in-unit facilities in the apartment. Where everybody washes their clothes at the same time, especially drying clothes.

The convenience of external apartment laundromat facilities is sometimes the best option. In a community aspect, it is still a convenient laundry solution because there are more machines available during peak hours. After all, it is just a huge laundromat facility.

Community laundromats are also available for socializing opportunities and it builds a sense of community in the area.

Tips for Efficient Laundromat Usage

If you are not pressed for time and you go there as part of your to-do list or for leisure just to kill time, why not choose where the machine is available during non-peak hours to do your laundry? As always that is somewhat the case where for an emergency laundry you can't choose the time slot when laundry is at its peak hours or not for availability.

While sorting and organizing your load of laundry is time tasking at least you are not there for an emergency laundry. You go there as a part of a designated day to do laundry from your to-do list of house chores.

In utilizing additional services the laundromat usually has that in store. They have detergent for purchase and other things like liquid softener and dryer sheets. Whether it is a vending machine or buy at the front registers.

Potential Drawbacks and Solutions

Even if laundromats are worthwhile in giving us the convenience to wash our clothes, there can be potential drawbacks.

Sometimes you go there and there is no machine available or it is full. That defeats the purpose of to going an outside facility apart from your apartment complex laundry. Especially when the laundromat you're going to is small this could eventually happen.

In a case like this, try to look for a backup on other closest laundromats available in your area. There might be you just might not know.

a woman waiting for washing machine to be vacant

Sometimes there is the safety issue of guarding your laundered stuff. If you leave it at the place for a long time and others are using the machine line up the door, and the attendant might take it from the machine and put it in a basket. There might be a risk of losing your laundered garments. To avoid this be at the laundromat and set aside time to do your laundry. Because it is not fair to others who are waiting for a vacant machine to use for their dirty clothes.

The key advantage of using laundromats is it is always available. Some laundromats have a cut-off time when the last wash is accepted so be there promptly to lighten the attendant's load when it is closing time.

If there is a need for an emergency wash you have to have a backup plan. Because it sometimes happens when you need laundry the most and there is no machine vacancy to use.

It is not fair to others who wait for the machine to be vacant use it to benefit everybody as you would benefit yourself.

I encourage you to try laundering at a laundromat whether self-serve, drop off and pick up, or even drop off and delivery make sure you take advantage of these services and try for yourself how easy it could be for laundromats to be there at our service.

This facility is another blessing of apartment living we can't take for granted.

Happy laundry to-do day!

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