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A Dog's Journey of a Life Lived With Joy: Is Your Dog Happy With You?
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A Dog's Journey of a Life Lived With Joy: Is Your Dog Happy With You?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

pinterest pin with graphic with text is your dog happy with you?

The joy in supporting aging pet dogs and the heartwarming moments made with togetherness and memories that last a lifetime.

In my family, we always have dogs as pets. We witnessed the love of pets, pet companionship, funny moments that cannot be forgotten with pets, their characteristic, and of course a dog's journey within my family. A dog's journey of a life lived with joy.

My family loves our four-legged furry friend. She is the best when we can't deal with what we have had enough. Or have a sour moment against each other (you know how family sometimes are) a joyful life with a dog can relieve stress—an antidote for depression and a reliever of negative energy.

It is worthwhile to have a piece of living thing running around to catch your attention, rather than succumb to a 'thing' that you might say you later can regret towards other family members. Sometimes it is better to hear than to speak. And the role of the pet? Diverting attention to his or her needs. She (my pup) melts my heart all the time because the attention towards her diffuses the tension that is within the confines of a home at any given moment.

We all have these different but (a little) same scenarios, don't you agree?

Puppyhood: The Beginning of the Adventure

As soon as we can get a pet we look at the internet, advice from those who have pets, or some guidebook or information for new dog owner tips.


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From puppyhood to training days, to full-grown dogs we have a relationship built to last. It reminds us of when they were just a pup of joyful moments grateful with what a puppy we have!

Training them is not always easy. That means making sacrifices on our end whether in resources and funds or tools to keep implementing what we learn on how to be a successful pet parent.

Bonding Moments: Building a Lifelong Connection

dog profile shot running

As we establish this dog-owner bond with our furry little friends, here are ways in which owners and their pets form lifelong connections with shared joy:

  • Attention to their needs.

  • Caring for their hiccups by verbally letting them know it is wrong but not punishing them drastically.

  • When we are traveling with them even if it is just a short distance.

  • When giving them the practice of potty training religiously.

  • Playing with them. (Good old belly rub!)

  • Feeding them tasty food and healthy treats to be good.

  • Training them to do tricks for dog-owner bonding.

  • Taking the pup to a suds-up bath.

Outdoor Adventures: Exploring the World Together

Pets have an instinct of protectiveness to their owners. They tend to protect you at every moment. When that instinct is agitated they can get aggressive towards others whether other pets or humans. To protect their owners.

My pet dog protects me. As little as she is, she barks at cats or something to alert me when there is a strange movement in the dark when I take her to the restroom to potty outside at night.

But a joyful outdoor experience can't only be about barking and protectiveness. Their curiosity is peaked at any given moment when they are outside. Just like humans, they need outside interaction.

The warm sun at the park and the breath of fresh breeze while in the car riding can make exploring with pets a must-see experience for them and you likewise as the owner. That assures you that your pet is happy with you on your dog-friendly adventures.

Life's Challenges: Navigating Tough Times Together

Given the role of a tiny precious living thing, a pup's life is not immune to the nuances of failing health, accidents, and old age. So it is best to acquire treatment whenever possible and have some funds set aside for there could be emergencies and aggressive hospital treatments.

We want the best for our four-legged friends despite dog health challenges. They have been there in the time being they're alive with us and gave us joy when we need it. It is time to let them live for a little more happy experience by supporting our aging dogs.

When they can get back on track for a little more there's this feeling of finding joy in difficult times with them.

I had my pup brought to the vet because she broke her hip. Now she has a silicone hip attached to her. One of the nurses at the hospital mentioned that she has also a dog with a silicone hip as well and she is just fine.

My lovely dog is too!

Training and Discipline: Fostering a Happy Home

dog traning

In the beginning, when we get our pups, they are not accustomed to the place where they usually belong. As if it seems they are alerted to anything they have not seen yet. So, it is important to implement dog training tips for them to get accustomed to the place. Maybe show them one room in the house at a time? Prep the crate for when they make a boo-boo (so to speak) too.

It takes time to take care of training a dog. In disciplining with joy in fostering a happy home with a well-behaved dog.

From puppyhood to the mid-events to maybe the present experiences of your happy pet, I know well for sure training and discipline are ongoing things. You might think they are not listening to every training that they get, but rest assured they are indeed observing you on what your command is. And if you are consistent that happy dog of yours is smart and can adapt.

Celebrating Milestones: Joyous Moments Throughout Life

For my family's pet, every day is a dog milestone to celebrate.

My pet loves it when she gets all the attention. And she is soaking in it!

My happy baby with oodles and oodles of love.

She got her best act for us from waking hours until sleep. We celebrate with our pets and joyful moments in a dog's life. What a wonderful sight it is! She is unlike any other dog (my endearing thoughts to her personally). Smart and loving. She puts a smile on everybody's face especially when my brother who doesn't live here anymore his wife with him visits. My pup remembers them.

Aging Gracefully: Finding Joy In Senior Years

There are many challenges in a dog's senior year. One is health, brittle bones, prone to accidents, don't have an appetite, or just losing their mobility and not as much as they were when they were younger.

Helping them to adhere to their health and vigor while they are still capable, a senior dog's lifelong capability to hold on to health with your help of aging gracefully can bring an impression to them that they are not left on the lurch because of your love in taking care of them.

These joyful moments in old age are moments that you can share with them as their health fades away, but letting them know you reciprocate that loyalty to your beloved dog. Out little four-legged best friend.

Unconditional Love: The Heart of a Dog's Joyful Journey

Our four-legged beautiful friends thrive with our love.

Indeed, if dogs could speak and I ask them, "Do you love me?" Their answer would be, "Yes unconditionally!"

The unconditional love they give us and the heartwarming moments with them bring joy to all in the family. We love them just as we're raising them to grow and nurture them in the last stages of their breath. We fill it with love in a dog's journey.

Reflecting on a Joyful Canine Journey

canine journey in a car

Reflecting on a dog's life is a marvel. Our wonderful companions when they are no longer with us will always be remembered. Even so when we get new pups to take care of as a companion in the future when we are ready. That wagging tail, sticking tongue, endearing face, and belly rubs we had with the latter pets will always be remembered.

The joyful canine journey and unforgettable moments with a dog that became a blessing in our life enrich us to be happy. It has given us the antidote of worthwhile distraction when days are depressing and life seems to be bleak and gives us hardships. But a loyal living furry four-legged gem has taken us to be lifted again.

Never forget the pup's face that has left us. Always see their smiling face and miss them so much as a part of our family.

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