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A Day To Clean Flexible Fall Routine Cleaning
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

A Day To Clean: Catch Up With Flexible Fall Routine Cleaning

Updated: May 2

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Starting cleaning for the fall season gives me feelings of excitement about improving my space. The change of season makes me feel accountable for adapting to the necessary change of routine. Rather than what you do in summertime some you can't do in fall season.

I have a confession to make. It has long been overdue. But needless to say it or not, LOL! I am ready for a whole new fresh space. So, the year before last, I was on a hunt for an apartment or a place to live, at least, that is more affordable.

And I found only one.

I signed up for their waitlist because the process is like that. With the help of my roommates (who are family), we managed to put a down payment for it. I ask and pray for blessings that will be given to us.

That's right after 5-6 years living in the Philippines my family moved back to Cali. I am very much delighted to have them with me again.

I need support for a place to live because I can't do it on my own.

We have been praying for this moment to be under one roof again. I miss my family so much!

A Day To Clean: Catch Up With Flexible Fall Routine Cleaning

I am completing the last of the cleaning list before they arrive. I will have my pet (Honnie) bathed, bathroom cleaned, fold laundry, wash dishes, vacuum the carpet, organize knick-knacks, and hang clothes in the closet.

My pup is sleeping right now so, when she wakes up she will bathed and smell good.

My heart is full of gratitude that they hold me safely in their good graces so I can live in my parent's place. Adoring my mom who is so concerned about me I am being asked, "What should we do?" Notice she included me in the decision-making with them.

I am pleased that I can contribute to the say on the matter of preference and options and my research of help which entails everything I did from finding a place online to hearing word of mouth by others had been a viable complement to their decisions as my parents.

I love them for that. They were also appreciative and my mother expresses how she does so occasionally.

I feel like this is what I longed for for a long time. For 6 years I was alone. I have my friend but it is different with moms, you know? I felt aloof when I started seeing families together when I was invited to gatherings.

But part of me wants to experience my self what it feels like to be independent. I am okay for now.

Part of my flexible cleaning routine

Here is my YouTube vlog video. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this vlog. For there is so much to do more in our new place. In a new chapter.

Thank you for watching my video and reading my update.


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