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6 Niceties In Riverside Feeling Hungry on These Restaurant Choice
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

6 Niceties In Riverside: Feeling Hungry For These Restaurant Choices?

Updated: Nov 26, 2023


Restaurant dining area

Have the cravings on your travels to Riverside, California? 

Do you ever get frustrated when you are on a road trip (SHORT or LONG distance) and you don’t know where the ‘worth it’ restaurants are? Or what is the specialty of this city versus yours as a short quick excursion experience coupled with good food (nom-noms)?

As much as the long or quick drive to the next cities over, you would want to reimburse your fuel cost with at least an experience worth coming for. Whether it is intentionally looking for a good grub or a good lunch after morning errands in the next city over. Here are 5 restaurants that should grab your attention and make you hungry for more. So here's the list of 6 niceties In Riverside: feeling hungry for these restaurant choices?

6 niceties in Riverside, California to accommodate your taste buds

#1 LA BUFADORA: Located on the busy Van Buren Strip where marketplaces other restaurants, and shopping centers reside. Here you will find a good old hole-in-the-wall restaurant. 

Carnitas, Pastor, Asada, and Chicken are served with delicious full servings on the menu. Tacos have the option also of shrimp and Baja fish cooked to perfection. The choice of shrimp, fish, and chicken all have an option for breaded or grilled tacos. Those are their bestsellers.

Tuesday or Wednesday I believe are their discount days and specials.  

There is another entree delicacy cooked in savory spices Octopus served with a crunchy tostada shell. Suppose you’re on a more adventurous side. Like other restaurants, La Bufadora also serves beer and the mixed beer drink mixed into a concoction Michelada.

#2 STAR BOWL PHO: A quaint little restaurant corner near another restaurant buffet we are going to discuss later. It is a Star Bowl Pho Vietnamese restaurant, which serves a mixed menu. 

As you walk into the entrance of this tiny homely place you will see the dining section next to the lobby. And in the lobby where you would usually wait to be seated and pay to go or after eating. And behind the lobby is the kitchen. 

This restaurant has been renovated and there are pop culture public figures drawn in a black silhouette mural on the dining room wall with a red background.

Their menu consists of roasted chicken with condiments on the side such as pickled things and for presentation. 

There is the tantalizing and tasty grilled pork, chicken, beef with vermicelli salad, and spring roll in a bowl entree. That's what I always go for when I go to this restaurant. 

Of course, there is Pho with their proportioned servings delicately served as an order with boba milk teas which acts as a dessert. 

My family actually knew the owner of this place. I love the vibe when you come into Star Bowl Pho restaurant. They check on you and ask you, “How’s it going so far?”, mid-way way through eating in.

Don’t forget to give them a thumbs up!

#3 CHIPOTLE: Now one thing I love about Chipotle, although it can be found almost anywhere, on the West Coast is its menu servings. It piles on whatever aesthetic-pleasing, tasty-looking sour cream or salsas you can add. Whether you get the bowl or burrito made to order. 

It is you who decide to save some for later…if you can’t finish it.

Don’t forget their fruit juices, chips and salsa!

You have an option for outside seating or inside seating in some locations. Dine in or to go. It is your choice. As the inside of the restaurant could get crowded especially at the rushing lunch hour and dinner ‘dine in’ time.  

Leave a review for a good service if you can.

#4 KOREANA GRILL: This is the buffet restaurant I was talking about earlier. 

I have an inkling you would like it to! 

One of my fave Koreana Buffet Grills in Riverside. Close to home. I’ve been here multiple times in the past and I stopped going, so it is time to revisit again. 

As always in a Korean buffet grill you cook your own marinated and freshly seasoned meat. There are also Tempura, whether it is veggies or fruit among other things. 

They have marinated beef, thinly sliced shaved beef, raw pork roll meat, and many more.

What you get for eating in Koreana Buffet Grill is the hot fiery burner in front of you, food to eat to your heart’s content, and don’t forget you can order beer (like HITE) and other fountain drinks.

#5 NEW YORK PIZZA: When you think of New York pizza what comes to mind? 

It is ‘New York pizza!’

By the way, did you know you can get that too in Riverside? The only difference is that, if you agree with me on this, the water used in making the dough. 

New York is known to have their water as ‘the champagne of waters’.  

But this restaurant is gorgeous nonetheless with outside seating.

 And the pizza? A New York pizza in Cali? It is as close as I can get.

Maybe you would be with me on this and feel the same way too. Just try it!

#6 BRANDON’S DINER: An American-Mexican restaurant.

You could order breakfast, lunch, or dinner any time of the day!

They have tacos, salads, Belgian waffles, and sausage. Some locations have AYCE (All You Can Eat)  salad bar and Albondigas soup.

Very good to bring hospitality with guests and even loved ones one day and eat at this family-oriented franchise restaurant.

Conclusion in feeling the hunger

This is the end of our list. I feel you feel the hunger. I hope you will come back here to help me with the success of my blogging and be my patrons, readers, and audiences who will connect and share with me and my natural curiosity about everything.

So if you need to stop reading and go to eat at one of these restaurants I really, really feel you. 

Have a happy lunch or dinner! To go or eat in. 

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