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5 Affordable Furniture Stores I Come Back To In SoCal Area: Where Would You Like To Visit?
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  • Writer's pictureLily Bell

5 Affordable Furniture Stores I Come Back To In SoCal Area: Where Would You Like To Visit?

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Shopping furniture in my blog's ( 5 top picks of affordable furniture places you would want to visit if you live in SoCal.

Furniture shopping is a time-tasking but fun experience you will have to endeavor when picking the items you can match to your taste.

Whether a one-, two-, or three-bedroom rental or owning a place to live you can decorate with ease and call your space your own when you have the complete package that comes in with the looks of pieces of furniture.

It enlivens the decorator spirit in me when I go to these places.

5 Affordable Furniture Stores I Come Back To In SoCal Area

furniture store couch showroom

These stores highlight the affordability of types of furniture in their showroom, without compromising quality. It is for you to be informed in your buying decisions on which store to visit. This article will fulfill this need for your interest in decorating your home affordably in which you would purchase your types of furniture according to your need.

So, here we go!

You can bookmark this article list or if you are on Pinterest reading this article, pin this to a board to get back later if you don't have time to read it now.

IKEA- The Classic Choice

Ikea is a well-known and reliable option for affordable furniture. Their reputation is known not to compromise quality including affordability in the picture.

In Ikea, they explore a colorful home's theme and think outside the boundaries of traditional decor. But offer more modern and sleek themes that are never dull in making new designs to offer to a wide variety of audiences worldwide.

Target - Trendy and Affordable

Explore Target as a one-stop shop for furniture and decor.

It is easy to find furniture and accompanying furniture accessories because Target is everywhere.

trendy design couch accent pillows

Target's expertise in collaborating with new designers every single time is worth trying and a spectacle to visit their displays in their stores for a fresh modern take on each designer's representation of what's trendy and new in the market.

They never skip a beat for designers who know their craft and are experienced in collaborating with Target.

So why don't you take a look?

Living Spaces - Quality at a Reasonable Price

Talk about living spaces and its reputation for providing quality furniture at affordable prices, we had an experience recently of purchasing from them. Even from the event that we were informed in deciding to buy our couch to the payment process they professionally helped us an attendant can make without being too pushy.

Giving us the bang for our buck.

There were hundreds of options in the store but the attendant narrowed it down for us. Not wasting time on what we wouldn't get anyway just because it is more expensive. He got us a good deal. And we were all happy with the purchase of our couch.

There are options for great quality affordable furniture in their showroom. Bringing customer service is what makes the buying experience worthwhile.

Big Lots - Surprising Finds

three girls in surprise sale purchase

Shopping with Big Lots, is a store that often surprises people for its affordability and rare opportunity to find lasting and stylish pieces for decor.

It is often seasonal and more likely once we see it in their showroom we have to get it because it won't be there later if we put it off.

This is a store that it's affordable but once we see it we better get it and funds on hand to purchase it because it falls into the category of first come first serve.

It is a discount and good buying margin for me and you on a budget for purchasing furniture.

Whether it is a dresser, a bed, or outdoor furniture they range from various designs and prices worth noticing and checking out while you are on the market for items to furnish your home inside or out.

At Home: The New Store

My family and I recently have experienced coming to this store. They have one close to us but in the next city over.

I love this store. Just as I love all of the stores on this list. This visit of ours was a coincidence. My mother had an appointment in this city next to ours and we saw At Home and we visited the store just to get a feel of it. Although most of the seasonal items were filling up the shelves for Christmas, we went to the items of furniture section of the store. They had a good selection in their showroom with affordable prices. Sofas were on sale because I think the end of the year sale.

All in all, I had fun and we purchased a few items like pillows which are of good quality at affordable prices, and see what was in store for the next purchasing adventure.

I and my mom will come back.

Tips for Affordable Furniture Shopping

Things to consider when shopping affordably:

  • Consider shopping for end-of-season sales.

  • While there is online shopping and in-store shopping, scout what is there in the store online and make sure to look under the store location near you. Most companies have that feature on their websites. Maybe you can purchase it cheaper and into a bundle. With it, they have that as a feature in their online shop and just pick up or deliver to your doorstep for convenience.

  • Subscribe to their coupon online for use in-store and online sent directly to your email.

  • Be aware of flyers in the mail for the sale.

These stores like Ikea are the classic choice for anything durable and out-of-the-box modern pieces.

Target is a trendy collaborator with designers on their affordable trendy pieces.

Living Spaces has affordability a plethora of options and likely good customer service.

Big Lots, comes on a first-serve basis for affordable furniture and seasonal sale.

At Home plenty to choose furniture from in affordable pieces in the end-of-the-year sale going on now. With seasonal decor for your spaces.

You can have the best of this list. My experiences in these stores don't disappoint. Why don't you try and see for yourself and visit these stores? Then truly you can leave a review that you have experienced it too for yourself and how you liked it.

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